Plan a Trip to Quebec

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Quebec is especially unique since it is the only province in Canada where French is the most common language. Québec City, and more specifically Old Town Québec, is a direct portal to historic Europe. It’s classically beautiful, poised, and beguiling. For anyone in North America who dreams of a romantic cobblestoned getaway, but doesn’t want to spend the time or money to get to Europe, Québec City is your place. In contrast, Montreal is a “lifestyle city,” like Los Angeles or Milan, with neighborhoods packed with art, beauty, history, delicious food, and gorgeous views. Each borough has its own gems to discover. It’s the kind of city you can return to again and again!



Plan a Trip to Quebec

The Embarrassing Quest for a Hidden Montreal Speakeasy

On a quest to find Le 4e Mur (The 4th Wall), a hidden Montreal speakeasy behind a brick wall where we could sip prohibition-style craft cocktails.


Quebec Stories

Staying in a Tree House When You’re Afraid of the Dark

Staying in a tree house in the wild Canadian forest by a fjord was an opportunity to slow down and relax in the profound silence of nature.


Stories Quebec

How to Have an Encounter With Wolves in Canada

A little bit of courage, respect, and perhaps the promise of maple butter go a long way towards making a connection when hanging out with wolves in Quebec.


Quebec Photos

Where to Snuggle Baby Goats in Quebec

During my amazing Canadian road trip, my friends and I stopped in at the Chevrier du Nord where the Pilote family raises angora baby goats in Quebec.



Planning Your Trip

Travel Recommendations Quebec

Destination Details: Montreal

Here’s what to do when visiting Montreal, the kind of city filled with hidden gems that you can return to again and again, newly delighted each time. Download your own Montreal guide to take with you!


Quebec Travel Recommendations

Romance and Cobblestones: How to Spend a Weekend in Old Quebec

For those in North America dreaming of a romantic cobblestoned getaway without spending the time or money to go to Europe, Old Town Quebec City is for you!


Recommendations Quebec Travel

Why Your Heart Will Melt When You Visit Ferme 5 Etoiles

Comfortable, rustic rooms in which to spend the night, a spa and restaurant, plus 11 other reasons why animal lovers should visit Ferme 5 Etoiles in Québec.


What to Eat in Montreal

Montreal, the Better to Eat You With

Where to eat in Montreal? Follow my culinary journey through the many restaurants in Montreal, a city that basically seemed like a giant smorgasbord.


Find Ghosts in Quebec

Why I’m Not Afraid of the Ghosts of Quebec

How to find the best ghost walking tour? From spooky to just plain theatrical, I’m sharing my own ghost tour experiences from around the globe. Plus, find out if the ghost tour in Quebec, New Orleans, or Edinburgh was best!


Meet the Locals Quebec

“I took my two dogs Victor and Molly and went foraging for the items myself.”

Nathalie Thibault, a socially conscious forager, goes foraging for her items herself to be used at the Cafe du Presbytere in Saguenay, Québec.




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