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From the romantic and ornate buildings along the canal in Venice to the extraordinary wine country of Piedmont, Italy is a destination to cherish and return to even for the seasoned traveler.



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We Got Scammed in Florence So You Don’t Have To

Save yourself the time and money – avoid the travel scams in Florence by learning from our mistakes when you want to climb the Duomo.

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Maybe I’m Allergic to Travel

How do you handle getting sick when abroad? I’ve started to wonder if I’m allergic to travel, but it has taught me some important lessons along the way.


Postcards of Italy

Venice, Italy: You Irresistible Tourist Trap, You

Venice, Italy can be crowded in spring (and most of the year) with tourists and yet she still has an irresistible beauty like no other.



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10 Reasons Piedmont is My New Favorite Wine Country

Piedmont, Italy is an extraordinary wine country. Here are ten reasons why it should be on your “must-visit” travel list.


Plan a trip to Italy

From a Gondolier’s Point of View in Venice, Italy

Do we take that gondola ride? Pondering the authenticity of that touristy boat ride with the gondolier around Venice, Italy.


Wine Packing Tips Italy

How to Pack That Amazing Wine in Your Luggage

Are you a wine traveler? Here is the ultimate bag wine check bag for packing those must-have bottles of wine in your luggage.




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