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Salta is in the far northeast of Argentina. An old colonial town, it has a relaxed, safe vibe that feels surprisingly homey. I walked most places and felt as welcomed as a family friend at shops, restaurants and bars. A family friend that somehow only speaks twenty-some-odd words of Spanish.

While the town is friendly and the square charming, the real allure of the area are the day trips from Salta. Between mountains and salt flats, dusty Andean towns and llamas (oh those adorable llamas!), and even a lovely wine country, there’s something to fit your mood for every day of the week.



Salta Argentina Stories

When You Have a Fear of the Andes Mountains, But You Go Anyway

I had a panic attack on my way to Argentina, find out how I overcame it and why visiting Tolar Grande changed my perspective on fear and travel.


Why Salta Argentina is Like Mars, But Better

The Argentinian Andes are a high-altitude wonderland. For real, I couldn’t stop clicking that shutter and guess what? I took some really cool photos. *high fives self*

**So many of you have asked for the ability to get prints of my photography and I’ve finally made it happen! Awwwwww yeah!! Go look at this post now to feast your eyeballs and get the info on how to buy yourself some wall art or send yourself a postcard from my trip!

Planning Your Trip

Day Trips From Salta – 3 Tours Around Northern Argentina

The complete rundown (plus a downloadable map!) of how to spend your time outside Salta. Which is what you really, really want to do.


Salta Argentina Guide at a Glance

Travel Tips for Salta, Argentina At a Glance

Need a cheat sheet? Swipe this infographic page with at-a-glance tips for navigating your visit to Argentina.



Salta Argentina Video

All Around Salta Argentina With a Llama and Some Killer Dance Moves

Just show me what the place looks like Juliana, and also bring me a goat.

You got it – click here right now and watch this magic.

Read More

My traveling partner, Sherry Ott writes about our time exploring the lesser known landscapes of Northern Argentina and Chile.



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