I have a radar for goats. Goatdar? No, that doesn't work. Anyway, I tend to find them everywhere in the world, and you need to see these spunky fluff babies too because I can't handle the cuteness by myself.

Goats are my spirit animal.


  • They don’t care what anyone else thinks
  • They make their own fun wherever they go
  • They unapologetically steal your food

Enjoy my collection of goats I meet all over the world! <3

Three days into my trip to Hawaii I heard someone say the magic words: Maui goats. There were goats on Maui! My vision became tunneled, my mind: one-tracked....

During my amazing Canadian road trip, I was super lucky to get a hot tip on a goat farm. My friends Rachel and Stephanie and I stopped in at the Chevrier du...


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