We're back together for a look back at A to C with Nowhere to B! We had absolutely so much fun traveling with you guys, and truth be told, we didn't want to see it end. In this epilogue, we share some of the things you didn't get to see on the show, including some honest reviews of places we stayed, ate at, and visited.


After three weeks in Salta, Argentina, I’ve got the low down for you on all the FAQs that usually come up. I’ve designed these travel tips to be at-a-glance for you and even created a...


I’m almost in tears in the Houston airport. I look at the gate at the E Terminal, the words “Buenos Aires” formed by a collection of red dots behind the gate agents. I can’t breathe. “I...


There are a few places on Earth that challenge your perception of what you know about this planet. Salta Argentina is one of them. Sometimes I felt like I must be on Mars. Orange-red mountains...


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