Sometimes it's best not to know what you're about to get yourself into. I was told I was running down a sand dune. I figured that would be a crazy five minutes and some dusty shoes.


After three weeks in Salta, Argentina, I’ve got the low down for you on all the FAQs that usually come up. I’ve designed these travel tips to be at-a-glance for you and even created a...


“You know why it was called the Dark Ages don’t you? Because there were so many knights.” A bearded magician in a doublet continues his routine from the small stage. “He really wears on you...


So, guys, I hope you're happy with this video of me bouncing across the tundra, avoiding crashing a 437-ton (not scientifically proven) vehicle full of people. Filmed on a smartphone with Gorilla...


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I’m a Los Angeles-based actor and host. I’ve traveled extensively for the last ten years, trying to explore beyond the obvious. I love getting to know locals, sharing cultural experiences and learning their travel secrets along the way so that I can share them with you. Come join me on the adventure!

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