Colorful and ebullient, filled with music and dance, Georgia is finally on the brink of having the moment it so richly deserves. Georgia the country is a deep well of treasures. The cuisine (one of my favorites on the planet) is a delicious mash up of Eastern European, Western Asian and Middle Eastern. The wine – oh the wine – is like nothing you’ve ever had before.


Twelve years ago in Moscow I sat inside a restaurant that resembled a small village. Slatted bridges curved up over a stream, and wooden awnings protected booths along the wall as if a rainstorm...


We were sinking. I’d never been on a canal cruise and had no idea what to expect, certainly not this. It got dark as a concrete wall crept up my cabin window. I could feel the river barge dropping....


There’s a crazy legend in the Hungarian wine region of Eger about “Bull’s Blood.” It morphs, expanding and contracting depending on the storyteller, but the basic gist is how the Magyars won...


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