Three days into my trip to Hawaii I heard someone say the magic words: Maui goats. There were goats on Maui! My vision became tunneled, my mind: one-tracked. There was no getting off this island without a visit to the Surfing Goat Dairy. For days I looked forward to the experience.


“I love this flight!” Doug, our guide, pats his pocket. “I don’t have to check my Swiss Army knife AND we get to drive right up to the plane.” Even though I’m not sure what defense a...


I wasn’t nervous until I completed reading the waiver. “Why do you need to know if I have any allergies?” I ask Derek, our guide. “This is so the paramedics know what to give you if you are...


Montreal, just what was your game? Was it a test in restraint that I failed? Or perhaps it was bid to lure me to stay forever. The city egged me on to eat as much as possible within its easy-going...


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I’m a Los Angeles-based actor and host. I’ve traveled extensively for the last ten years, trying to explore beyond the obvious. I love getting to know locals, sharing cultural experiences and learning their travel secrets along the way so that I can share them with you. Come join me on the adventure!

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