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I loved every minute. It was so well organized, planned, and we had such great guides – it made this the best holiday of my life. I would definitely go on another CleverDever Adventure, it is worth every penny.”

Ruth W.


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Georgia 10-Day Trip: Tbilisi to Mestia to Batumi

“This is the 1st tour I’ve ever taken where I felt like I got an actual glimpse of how locals really live, instead of only seeing tourist stop highlights. I could’ve never done this on my own.

-Tammy T.J.


My signature 10-day tour from city to sea, monasteries to mountains, and wine country that includes treehouse cheesy bread!

Between me (your travel expert BFF), my destination manager who has more connections than the London Underground and my expert guides who know every nook and cranny of their homeland, my team and I have created a trip to Georgia like no other (I know because I’ve checked).


Our collective knowledge, experience, and local contacts mean we’re able to create experiences and introduce you to people you’d never have access to if you traveled here on your own.


Visit country of Georgia | Georgian cheesy break khachapuriIf you’re ready to travel somewhere different, come with me to the country of Georgia. We’ll eat this cheesy bread in a treehouse by a waterfall and leave the rest of the world behind.


Bonus? Your current travel companions are all super fun solo female travelers, so don’t even worry about finding a friend to go with you – you’re about to make new ones!


Tour dates: June 20th – 29th, 2022

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Slovenia 7-Day Trip Alps to Adriactic


“This has been the most magical week I could have imagined. Sometimes when you save and plan and sacrifice for something it’s hard for it to meet your expectations.

This was my first time to do ANYTHING like this and it blew my expectations out of the water.”

— Holly K.


Lonely Planet Slovenia Best in TravelJuly 3rd – 9th, 2022

It’s time to run away to Slovenia, one of the last great ‘under the radar’ European countries.

Are you a foodie? Then it’s time to give your tastebuds a treat on my 7-Day adventure in western Slovenia. You’ll also spend time in the mountains, enjoy both home-cooked meals with locals and Michelin-star experiences in a castle, and time at the sea!


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“Loved loved loved it, so much fun, would 100% do another/more tours! Thank you for doing all of this!! It really was the trip of a lifetime!

Also loved that it was in a place most tourists don’t go!!”

-Taylor V.



…and Introducing:


Gdansk, Poland


Explore Poland with a local and dive deep into this irrepressible culture


If sailing the Baltic coast, misty mornings in a crooked forest, and eating pierogies in gothic villages sounds like your jam, you need to travel with me to Poland.

There are TWO different tour dates for this Eastern European Extravaganza:

June 6 – 16th, 2022

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August 29th – September, 2022 

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