A collection of videos for travel inspiration, fun adventures and my rockstar dance moves.


A to C with Nowhere to B

Juliana Dever Rachel Leah Cohen Travel Show

From A to C with Nowhere to B is a crowd-sourced video journey through Western Europe. Rachel Leah Cohen and I will ask the audience every day to suggest the next step as we make our way from Slovenia to the Netherlands. With a Eurail pass but no reservations or plans, we are relying on YOU, the viewer, to get us from point A to point C! Find out more and watch the latest episodes here.



More Video Highlights

Valle de Luna salt and dunes

Running Through the Atacama Valley of Death

Sometimes it’s best not to know what you’re about to get yourself into. Watch the video now to see what running through the Valley of Death in Chile’s Atacama Desert is really like.


Turns Out Driving a Tundra Buggy is Incredibly Tough

Turns Out Driving a Tundra Buggy is Incredibly Tough

I hope you’re happy with this video of me bouncing across the tundra, avoiding crashing a 437-ton (not scientifically proven) vehicle full of people.



All Around Salta Argentina With a Llama and Some Killer Dance Moves

Just show me what the place looks like Juliana, and also bring me a goat.

You got it – click here right now and watch this magic.




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