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Mongolia is a intriguing contrast of the bigger city incongruent metropolis settled in the middle of rolling hills with the barren desert land and green of the national parks.



Mongolia Stories

How to Find Dinosaur Bones in the Gobi Desert

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert is a bone-filled paleontologist’s playground. But to find out if you’ve discovered dinosaur bones, you’re going to have to lick them.



Plan a Trip to Mongolia

Pizza: A Mongolian Tale of Adventure and Delirium in Karakorum

A tale of two friends on a search through Karakorum to find a pizza serving ger camp called Dreamland after crossing the Mongolian desert.


Mongolia Postcards

Ulaanbaatar: Modern and Ancient Mingling in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is a capitol with a mixture of ancient monasteries and malls. Explore the city in pictures and check out my city guide tab.



Planning Your Trip

What to Eat in Mongolia

What to Eat in Mongolia (Especially if You’re a Vegetarian)

Find out what vegetarians eat in Mongolia, and how you too can survive and even enjoy your meals as a vegetarian traveling through Mongolia.


Meet the Locals of Mongolia

“If you come to Mongolia you’ll really like the country.”

Bulgaa Munkhbat, like so many others in her country, is extremely proud of her Mongolian culture. Learn about her life and why you should visit Mongolia.


Mongolia Travel Recommendations

What You Need to Know About Traveling to Mongolia

Are you planning a trip to Mongolia? This travel guide has everything you need to know about preparing for and traveling to Mongolia!




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