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Sizzling golden cheese bubbling under ouzo flames… juicy tomatoes as red as a stop sign and so earthy you’ll remember them in dreams… purple-green oregano leaves accenting fresh goat cheese with a tart and peppery piquancy. These are the flavors of Greece. To eat it anywhere is a treat. To eat it in Santorini is the stuff of mythology.


Planning Your Trip

What to Eat in Santorini Greece

Get to Know Your Greek Food

Heading to Greece (or a Greek restaurant) for the first time? New to Greek food? Here’s a rundown on some of the most popular dishes you’ll come across.

Santorini Travel Recommendations - Plan a Trip to Greece

The Best (and Worst) Thing About Restaurants in Santorini is the Greek Food

Your guide to finding the best Greek food and restaurants in Santorini that have both superb eats and unforgettable views.




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