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Czech Republic

The romance and architecture of the Czech Republic may draw you in, but the wine region of Moravia is one of my favorites. Vineyards in this southeastern region of the country are new, a result of having to pull out the too-close-together crops of the socialist era. Grapevines have been replanted in the last 20 years to provide proper spacing so they can breathe and grow and not have to share their earthy resources, which used to thin and dilute their eventual juice.



Plan a Trip to the Czech Republic

The Romantic Architecture of the Czech Republic

Moments from our road trip in the Czech Republic. Art Nouveau, Victorian and Gothic walkabouts in Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, Moravia, Prague.


Meet the Locals Czech Republic

“I Turned My Life Inside Out Like a Glove and Became a Winemaker”

Radomír Nepras, a accomplished winemaker in Moravia, explains how Czech wine has drastically changed since the fall of communism.