Coming to you today LIVE from Prague! Rachel Leah Cohen and I are wrapping up Vienna, getting to Prague and the next REAL BIG SUPER AWESOME VOTE! We have to get these train tickets booked and on our way- where will you be sending us? Don’t miss today’s vote – we need all hands on deck! We can’t wait to see which destination WINS!

Missed our last update from Vienna? Watch it here! 

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Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. REally?? You should take me there sometime!!

  2. Black forest!! ♥♥

  3. Awesome!

  4. miluji tě = ‘i love you’, try say it ????❤️

  5. True about the Paris Opera house . Totally agree

  6. See you girls tomorrow again

  7. Germany beer and desserts

  8. Oh yes that was with me n Paris

  9. You’re not really doing Prague until you get a Thai foot massage

  10. POLAND!!!

  11. Poland!

  12. He’s hot

  13. WE can hear him.

  14. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    Germany!!!! Black Forest it sounds like a real Fairy tail

  15. We can hear you guys. ????

  16. Hi guys!

  17. Go to Titisee-Neustadt in Black Forest. It’s a really beautiful lake.

  18. Nice!!!

  19. Rachel has a boyfriend!!!!

  20. He is cute wowzers go for him Rachel

  21. Lost you for a moment but you’re back

  22. Deutschland. ????????????????

  23. Germany and the Black Forest is my vote! Those fairy tales weren’t always sunshine and rainbows and it would be cool to see where they originated!

  24. I need to spike my coffee

  25. Poland!!!!!

  26. I live next to the Black Forst in Colorado

  27. Dang, missed it live! Germany and frolicking in the Black Forest for sure!

  28. The Black Forest is a mountainous region in southwest Germany, bordering France. Fun fact: It’ evergreen forests and picturesque villages are associated with the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

    Things to do inside the Black forest region (to name just a few- there are TONS) include visiting Baden-Baden- one of the world’s most popular spa destinations (or any of the area’s picturesque towns!), touring the State Art Gallery or the Black Forest Museum, driving along the beautiful Black Forest Ridgeway, or taking a scenic boat trip or hike!

  29. Wrocław is the largest city in Western Poland. Fun fact- it’s one of the overall most youthful cities in the the entire country with a university student population of over 130,000. Some of the most noteworthy things to to in the city include the Wroclaw Cathedral, St. Elisabeth’s Church, Salt Square, and St. Mary Magdalene Church. There’s also botanical gardens, an olympic stadium, an opera house, The Royal Palace which houses the Wrocław City Museum, and lots of rich history to see!

  30. Noon means we are out enjoying our day, so not able to watch it live.

  31. I vote BLACK FOREST! Christopher CaruanaMolly HaggertyOlivia Bauso 🙂

  32. go to a blacklight show

  33. Poland! Wrocław is beautiful ❤️ As you don’t get to visit Gdańsk, Wrocław is the next best thing ???? My parents studied there ????

  34. Germany. See if you can find and buy a rauchermännchen.

  35. go to the Black Forest there Israelis are always travelling there and they ❤it

  36. Hahaha from the UK xx

  37. Actually it is 18:40 in the UK now but there’s always time for beer. x

  38. Come to Germany…????????

  39. Ooh I think Poland. I hope to visit there soon. x

  40. He is lovely. x

  41. Germany ????????

  42. Germany for some of the most stunning scenery in the world!

  43. Germany (Black Forest)

  44. Poland, please

  45. Germany!!

  46. Been many times. Flying out of there back to USA end of Aug

  47. Watching you from SFO on my way to Alaska

  48. Wroclaw is great

  49. Go to Poland! Wroclaw is a great town.

  50. In case you missed it POLAND is my vote 😉

  51. I’m going to take my mum and dad to Prague when they come to see me for my birthday as we can fly directly from where I live so think definitely visiting Fat Cat ????

  52. The Black Forest is fantastic we went with school and stayed in Titisee and visited The Rhine falls, the black forest museum There was so much to see and do I had so much fun it was incredible Poland is on my Bucket List but as I’ve Been to and Adored the Black Forest ???? I have to Vote Germany you guys will love it ????

  53. lol how many drinks did you guys have on the table XD

    • 7 beer tasters, 2 regular beers and 2 waters.

    • I hope they tasted good! I don’t know what your plans are once you reach The Netherlands, but I know a nice beer place too ???? (or wine, or cheese)

  54. Darn time zones, missed the vote but I’d have said Germany ????

  55. Love it lol

  56. I’m so excited you’re going to the beer spa!!!!!! I was so hyped when I sent that suggestion to you!!!!

  57. Hi Rach! Happy to hear your voice.????

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