In episode 9, Rachel Leah Cohen and I report back from yesterday’s vote, our experiences in Vienna, and ask you guys some VERY important questions. Vote in the comments for our next destination!

If you missed our last episode, catch up here on episode 8!

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Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Saw that, when does the new show start with him

  2. Hotels are good connections to find locals for this. I’ve done that more than once when traveling.

  3. Shoulda said something. I have a friend in Central Vienna that could have fed you two ????

  4. We drove with a local through ohrid in Macedonia. That was amazing we went to so many places

  5. Thanks for the tip❤️

  6. Hey ????????

  7. Mappy McMapface is backwards for us 😉

  8. This is brightning up a rainy day here ps love my travel cubes had them a few days and they are already getting good use

  9. OSTRAVA, Check Republic- since the 90’s, though, Ostrava has been transformed into a modern cultural city, with more of a focus on theaters & galleries.

    Ostrava is also now the home to a bunch of cultural events throughout the year, including the Colors of Ostrava music festival, a classical music festival, the Summer Shakespeare Festival and NATO Days.

  10. BRATISLAVA- Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is along the Danube River close to the border with Austria and Hungary. It’s surrounded by vineyards as well as the Little Carpathian mountains, with plenty of forested hiking and cycling trails. FUN FACT- this town is pedestrian-only!! Bratislava is known for its lively bars and cafes.

  11. PRAGUE, Czech Republic- Attractions that come to mind when planning a trip to Prague include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square (with the Prague Astronomical Clock!!) and the Jewish Quarter.

    Prague also has more than TEN major museums, along with many theaters, galleries, cinemas and other historical exhibits!!

  12. Yeeah mappy McMasterface

  13. Prague Prague

  14. Bratsislava

  15. Love Prague

  16. Hiiii! You’re gonna have really strong arms by the time you get back! Lolol And hi mappie map! Prague!

  17. Good luck and getting dinner tonight

  18. Ostrava

  19. Is maooy Mc mapface related to Boaty mcboat face ????

  20. PRAGUE!!!!!

  21. Bratislava❤️❤️

  22. Prague!!!

  23. Have fun girls!!!!!

  24. Prague <3

  25. Prague, since it’s for Rachel. All sound wonderful.

  26. Have a great evening ????

  27. Sole restaurant at the opera

  28. Prague looks incredible as do the the other 2 I’m going with Prague ????

  29. starts with a C 🙂

  30. Carnival musical perchance ????

  31. Guys, how amazing is the Bratislava Castle?! I bet the view from up there is BEAUTIFUL!

  32. Here’s a photo of the mining museum in Ostrava- which reminds visitors of the city’s historical past when they were known as the “steel heart” of the Czech Republic.

  33. Here’s a pic of the Charles Bridge in Prague!!????

  34. Check out this GORGEOUS picture of Prague Castle, guys!!

  35. Ask Rachel if that time is a Beatles song ?

  36. Tune

  37. Prague!!!!

  38. Love from Osrui

  39. Prague. Just for you Rachel.

  40. Many map!!! ????

  41. Prague… Czech ????????

  42. I am voting Prague because I was once invited to go there but didn’t have my passport with me and no time to pick it up b4 the flight was going. So this would be me living it through you ;D

  43. Prague????????

  44. Praha!

    • Beer spa!! I just found that pi yod you drinking beer while soaking in it!! I miss you baby!

  45. Bratislava

  46. Rabea Ta / at /Reply

    Ostrava, because I’ve never heard of it before.

  47. Prague, for sure!!!

  48. Bratislava! ????

  49. When you will travel to Poland

  50. Definitely Prague!

  51. From the choices I suggest Prague. Would pick something else than Bratislava in Slovakia…

  52. Carnival!

  53. Who won

  54. Prague

  55. This little cat came from Prague and was given to me as a baby by a Czech family friend so my vote is Prague enjoy where ever you end up ????

  56. Pragggg ofcourse

  57. Prague!

  58. The Beautiful Fountains of Prague are worth the trip…

  59. Prague Prague Prague

  60. Think you’ll love Prague!

  61. Prague sounds like the place to be!

  62. I hear about Prague all the time so I’d like to see Ostrava ????

  63. Prague please.

  64. Beer and wine ????

  65. I have heard amazing things about Prague. Have a great time wherever you go! <3

  66. Prague ????

  67. Definitely Prague! Good luck, Rachel!

  68. I have been to Prague. Can highly recommend it. Beautiful city.

  69. Prague! ????

  70. yippee George!!

  71. Hey Mappie!!

  72. Ostrava!

  73. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    Beer _/_Wine both will work

  74. Prague .. i would love to see it ????

  75. Wine in Austria is ????

  76. Prague!!

  77. I vote Poland!

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