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I own the content on this Web site. It is copyrighted in my name. I totally encourage you to share the content in the hope that it will spread the love of exploration. But I also need to protect my intellectual property rights, so please read below so that we’re all good when it comes to sharing.


Share the Travel Love Freely

You are free to do the following without my permission:

  • Link to my site or any specific post on my site.
  • Print my posts in any non-commercial publication (e.g., company newsletter, church newsletter, class syllabus, etc.), provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2015, Juliana Dever. All rights reserved. Originally published at”


I’m Going to Have to Stop You Right There

You do not have permission to do the following:

  • Modify any information or materials you have printed or downloaded in any way. It is also not permitted to reproduce or use any illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences or any accompanying text.
  • Alter, transform, or build upon this work.
  • Re-posting of my posts in their entirety. Google penalizes websites for publishing duplicate content. And since it often can’t tell which site hosts the original, I can’t risk getting penalized my own self, so re-posting permission cannot be granted.
  • Translating of my posts in other languages. I really love other languages and I wish I spoke them all. But I don’t, and I don’t have the resources to ensure the accuracy of translated posts, so let’s stick to the posts in the original language published. Merci.
  • No materials contained on can be downloaded or used for commercial purposes without obtaining a license to do so. Any of the material on the website may be out of date at any given time, and I am under no obligation to update such material. I will do my best to ensure that the information is updated, accurate and relevant.


If you have some use for my content that is not covered here, please email me at cleverdeverwherever [at] gmail [dot] com and let’s hear it!


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