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My Poland highlights include Warsaw, Białowieża and Krakow. Białowieża is a very small rustic village on the edge of the forest, a tranquil and beautiful place that will immediately captivate you. While it’s pretty much unheard of in the United States, it has inspired songs in Russia and wistful, romantic remarks from Polish people whenever they hear I’ve visited.



Plan a Trip to Poland


Feeling Like Royalty in Białowieża, Poland

Exploring the rustic village and forests of Bialowieza, Poland, a tranquil and beautiful place that helped me discover my inner royalty.


Postcards from Poland


Warsaw: Everything New is Old Again

Though it looks like and feels as if it has been there for a very long time, almost nothing is more than seventy years old in Warsaw.



Planning Your Trip

Meet the Locals Poland


“If You Believe in Connection to Nature, You Can Feel That, Inside of That Forest.”

Discovering the protected area of the Białowieża Forest in Poland with a private local guide on one of the Białowieża Forest tours.


Wieliczka Salt Mines


Do I Need to Visit the Salt Mines of Wieliczka?

Debating on a visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland? This quiz and firsthand account of the experience will tell you if it’s worth it for you to go!




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