Warsaw: Everything New is Old Again

Most of Warsaw was destroyed in World War II. The Polish do not put up with destruction like that, so the citizens undertook a five-year restoration project immediately after the war to meticulously rebuild their beloved historic town. Though it looks like and feels as if it has been there for a very long time, almost nothing is more than seventy years old in Warsaw.
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I was only here for a day, but here’s where I slept and ate:

  •  Sleep
  •  Eat

Zapciek Polskie Pierogarnie – Pierogis for everyone (including vegetarians)!

U Fukier – pricey for Poland, but beautiful classical Polish ambience.

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In today's installment of "Should I Visit This Tourist Attraction?" I go to the Salt Mines of Wieliczka so you don't have to (unless you want to). About twenty-five minutes outside of Kraków, Poland is a series of salt mines that are some of the oldest in the world. And until recently were still in use. It is said...

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Straddling Poland and Belarus, the Białowieża Forest is the last bastion of a once vast primeval forest that stretched out across the lowlands of northeastern Europe. Home to kings and tsars, peasants and soldiers, the forest has...


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  1. Gille / at /Reply

    Beautiful shots. Have you considered having a “photography while traveling” section?

    • Thank you! And yes, I have considered a “photography while traveling” section. That’s why I created the “lens” tab in my menu section. More to come!

  2. Christine / at /Reply

    Your pictures of Warsaw are beautiful…it’s so hard to believe it’s all relatively new. A friend is part Polish and took her mother there several times over the years…she talked about how much her mom loved the trips. Your pictures put everything into perspective. I MUST add this to the list!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Christine! Warsaw was fascinating and also fun to wander around in. I hope you get a chance to visit.

  3. Sofie / at /Reply

    Hi Juliana,

    I really love your blog and you are a big inspiration to me as I’ve told you before! I really love the beautiful pictures you share and I was just wondering what camera and lenses do you use? And do you recommend any? I’m slowly beginning to plan some of the trips I’ll go on once I gratuate and I would really like some good pictures.


  4. lucy / at /Reply

    I like your travel your courage your unique vision.. I wish one day I can be.
    I am a fan of you and your husband.

  5. Beata Brandt / at /Reply

    While I’ve traveled through Warsaw (Warszawa), I’ve never had a chance to visit. My cousin from Poland tells me that Warszawa has become a very modern, multicultural city.

    • I really enjoyed Warsaw, and Poland in general. I would love to go back and visit more extensively!

    • It’s beautiful, I really love Poland and Warsaw was a particular gem. Thanks for following along!

  6. Melanie de Smith / at /Reply

    This blog helped me as a raging claustrophobic to decide not to go to the salt mines. Spent a far better day in Kraków. Thanks!!!

    • That’s awesome Melanie. I really need to do more of those quizzes…Glad you had a great day in Kraków!

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