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Stories, Recommendations and Practical Info so you can plan your trip to Austria


From mountains to valleys and vineyards in between, Austria is a must on your Eurotrip. Don’t miss the architecture, especially in Vienna, that is in turns breathtaking and quietly elegant.


Planning Your Trip

Austria Guide at a Glance

Travel Tips for Vienna, Austria at a Glance

Vienna was the first destination selected by A to C with Nowhere to Be viewers. Explore the city for yourself with these top travel tips for Vienna Austria!

Meet locals Vienna icon

What to do in Vienna: When in Doubt, Ask the Guy in Lederhosen

I decided what to do in Vienna by picking the most Viennese guy I could and asking for advice. The result? Great insider tips and a tour by a guy in lederhosen.


Where to eat what to do Vienna recommendations

The Best Vegetarian Goulash of My Life and Other Awesome Stuff in Vienna, Austria

I rate everywhere I ate and everything I did while visiting Vienna. You can find some really great meals here, even if you’re a vegetarian.


A to C with Nowhere to B Austria

A to C with Nowhere to B: Episode 8

This episode of A to C with Nowhere to B is live from Austria! Watch the video to find out where Rachel Leah Cohen and I made it to in Austria.

A to C with Nowhere to B Episode 9

A to C with Nowhere to B: Episode 9

In this video, Rachel Leah Cohen and I report back from yesterday’s vote, our experiences in Vienna, and ask you guys some VERY important questions in episode 9 of A to C with Nowhere to B.



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