The Romantic Architecture of the Czech Republic

Moments from our road trip in the Czech Republic.
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Art Nouveau, Victorian and Gothic walkabouts in Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, Moravia, Prague.


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  1. Hallie / at /Reply

    Your photos are beautiful! I’m headed to Prague in September and am now even more excited for it!

    • That’s great Hallie! Prague is a fantastic city. I hope you can also get out into some of the neighboring regions. I love that bone church in Sedlec, but we’ve already established that I’m macabre, so…

  2. Holly / at /Reply

    Your photos are so amazing. Makes me what to travel there and see it in person.
    Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Thank you Holly! I can only hope my travel stories inspire. And if nothing else, I’m here to try and share as many photos as possible.

  3. Lucie / at /Reply

    I see that you also visited Kutná Hora (Sedlec), good for you, many tourists miss that and I think the bone church is spectacular. Did you also visit the medieval silver mine there?
    What I don’t get is how you managed to take a photo of almost empty Charles Bridge. How did you do that? 🙂

    • Hi Lucie! I am always down for a good ossuary, so I especially couldn’t miss Sedlec. We didn’t have enough time to visit the silver mines, though I am very aware of them. And you know that saying about the early bird catching the worm? Well I got up at 5:30am and had the bridge almost completely to myself!

  4. Franzi / at /Reply

    I went to Prague once and I really liked. I’ll go there next month again, hopefully. Do you have any bar I have to drink a beer at? Or something I really, REALLY need to see in only two days? Except the stuff on your pics, I’ll try to walk as much as I can of course 🙂

    • One thing that really struck me in Prague were the Slav Epic paintings by Alphonse Mucha. I don’t know how much you like art, but I was just gobsmacked by them. They are extremely large and totally captivating.

      Another thing I really enjoyed was going to the Pivni Lazne beer spa. They mix up hops and other beer making ingredients, pour them into a giant wood barrel with several liters beer. There are two different styles of beer on tap right next to you as you sit in a hot whirlpool and drink to your heart’s content for an hour. It was fabulous and I had soft skin to boot!

  5. Jenna / at /Reply

    I used to live in the Czech Republic and always tell people what a beautiful country it is. I’m so glad to see that you explored places other than just Prague!

    • Yes Jenna, I really enjoyed driving all over the Czech Republic and seeing how Bohemia was different than Moravia, etc. We also stopped in lots of little towns along the way for lunch. It is a very nice country with so much more to see than just Prague!

  6. Serena / at /Reply

    Your photos are so amazing.
    I hope to visit this beautiful country soon and see it in person.
    Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Thank you Serena! Czech Republic is really nice. And it’s worth seeing more of the county than just Prague, so hopefully you will get a chance to see it soon.

  7. Ellen / at /Reply

    Český Krumlov blew me away when I was there 20+ years ago. Lovely to see it captured on such a beautiful day. Now I want to go back to the Czech Republic, thanks Juliana!

  8. Eugenie / at /Reply

    I didn’t really get the chance to see anything outside Prague because my travel buddy wanted to go to Vienna for a couple of days. The pictures are making me wanting to go back to visit the bone church. And getting up at 5:30am for a clear shot of Charles Bridge, that’s dedication! Mind you, we were there over Xmas, so it was probably still pitch black at that hour…

  9. Magdalena / at /Reply

    Wow! I love Your photos! I’ll be in Prague and Brno in september. You two inspired me these days 🙂
    I love your work, aaaaand your blog. So, go on 🙂 Lots of love.

    • Thank you Magdalena, I’m happy you like the photos and the blog. 🙂

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