Where to Snuggle Baby Goats in Québec

Stop number three on my Canadian road trip: Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in Northern Québec.
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During my amazing Canadian road trip, I was super lucky to get a hot tip on a goat farm. My friends Rachel and Stephanie and I stopped in at the Chevrier du Nord (Goatherd of the North – gah!) where the Pilote family raises angora goats.

Annie (pictured holding and feeding a goat) also designs and sells gorgeous cold-weather clothing and colorful skeins of yarn right there in her shop. As a member of the Economusée Network, the Chevrier du Nord and over 70 other international artisans open their workshops to the public and share local heritage, knowledge and sell handmade products right on the premises.

Annie also was kind enough to let us into the goat pen, which, if you know me around goats, could last for hours. The two baby goats I’m smuggling, er…I mean SNUGGLING in these photos were so young. One was less than two weeks old and the other little heart-melter was only 12 HOURS OLD!

If you make it up to Northern Québec, do yourself a favor and visit Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean; and for your fill of baby goats in Quebec definitely stop in at the Chevrier du Nord and meet Annie and the rest of the gang.

Also? Do me a favor and don’t say anything if you happen to see me sneaking away with a baby goat. Shhhhh!

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