Montreal, just what was your game? Was it a test in restraint that I failed? Or perhaps it was bid to lure me to stay forever. The city egged me on to eat as much as possible within its easy-going neighborhoods, and I left few menus unturned following that quest.

Pretty much to me, Montreal was a giant smorgasbord. From Mont Royal to Old Town, a three-mile stretch which I walked -which I NEEDED to walk – I ate maybe every ten blocks. Something about the lovely French-Canadian city fueled my hunger. Which was fine. I had a two-week road trip ahead and this was the perfect place to stock up on extra calories.

Behold in pictures, many of my favorite meals, which if I remember, I ate all in one day. Or maybe it was two days stretched into one big eat-a-thon. It’s all a haze, but I’m certain I woke up on more than one occasion, hands sticky with maple syrup, a pomme frite stuck in my hair.

Where to eat in Montreal? Follow my culinary journey:

Where to eat in Montreal - Maison Christian Faure bakery and cafe

MAISON CHRISTIAN FAURE: This adorable bakery and cafe is a great way to get that base layer of food lining your stomach. In the Old Port area, I prepared for a day of eating with a nice mix of carbs and veggies with this tomato tart.



Where to eat in Montreal - Maison Christian Faure French pastry shop

MAISON CHRISTIAN FAURE: Look, no self-respecting adult is going to a French pastry shop and leaving after the savory course, and since I have a lot of self respect, neither did I.



Where to eat in Montreal Canada - Pink Flamingo

PINK FLAMINGO: This spinach dip at Chef Simon Kerry’s place on Place Jaques-Cartier was great. The pomme frites were an interesting choice for dipping, though. It’s not easy balancing little dip wads of cheesy spinach on french fries, but it didn’t stop me from trying.


Where to eat in Montreal restaurants - James Rooster, Esq Oysters

JAMES ROOSTER, ESQ.: Oysters are a great little in-between meal: light, protein-packed, and a great vehicle for horseradish sauce. I stopped in at this waterfront restaurant for a Caesar and a snack. It felt like I was on a diet.



Where to eat in Montreal - Magazine General Bistro Restaurants in Montreal

MAGAZINE GENERAL BISTRO: It was around this time that I thought perhaps I should take a break from eating. But then I remembered that I’m an American and there were nachos to be had. I gave this plate of chips, salsa and BLUE CHEESE a whirl while people-watching on the patio. They were okay, but I think I should’ve ordered the pizza instead.



Where to eat in Montreal - Tête carrée

TÊTE CARRÉE: This delicious puréed asparagus and mushroom soup provided a velvety break from chewing. They have a stand at the Jean-Talon Farmer’s Market in Little Italy serving lots of dishes crafted with produce and love.



Montreal Restaurants - Montreal M.Mme potato croquettes with truffle aioli

MONTREAL M.MME: This place in the mile-end neighborhood needs to stop it right now. And by stop it I mean keep making potato croquettes with truffle aioli. My god they were amazing. I’m tearing up thinking about them and how they are so far away and don’t ship well.



Where to eat in Montreal - Beavertails

BEAVERTAILS: By now it’s obvious to you and everyone around you that I should be eating dessert, right? This is the point in the story where I ducked into the old queue de castor shop and tried a couple of these fried flatbreads known in English as Beavertails. I took mine slathered with maple cream and Skor bars. Note: you will be sticky for like five hours after eating this.



Where to eat in Montreal - La Banquise poutine

LA BANQUISE: No one’s getting out of Canada without eating poutine! Of course you must cap off a day or two of food porn by eating poutine. This place serves like 30 different kinds of poutine and I tried the regular (with vegan sauce) and the “southwest” version you’re looking at here. It’s basically french fries smothered in everything from the kitchen. It was okay. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?


My efforts were quite valiant, I think, at eating as much as possible while in Montreal. The options for where to eat in Montreal are so varied and bountiful it’s tempting to ONLY eat, but I suggest throwing in some exercise if you can force yourself to. If only to make room for more potato croquettes.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Montreal?


Travel Pinterest - Clever Dever Wherever

Where to Eat in Montreal | Restaurants in Montreal | Visit Montreal | Travel



Travel Pinterest - Clever Dever Wherever

Where to Eat in Montreal | Restaurants in Montreal | Visit Montreal | Travel


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