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Have you ever thought about moving to a different country? Or maybe you’re already looking for a home abroad? We just did it and we’re here to share our experiences so far.


I’ve been dreaming of living abroad my whole life. I love new experiences, learning about other cultures and people in general.


Over our two decades of life together, my husband Seamus has also felt the pull to change it up and live somewhere totally different.


And that’s how our pandemic project became looking for a home abroad.


Who am I? I’m Juliana Dever, an experiential travel expert. I help people take off-the-beaten-path adventures to less obvious destinations and organize retreats for groups that want to spark their creativity and inspiration through travel and connection to other cultures.

In 2022 you can travel WITH me and support local female- and family-owned businesses in Poland, Georgia and Slovenia. Join me on one of my Cultural Immersion Trips and positively impact communities in eastern Europe directly on my person-to-person tours! 


We’ve both been thinking about living aboard for years and then in the summer of 2020, it seemed like the time to do it.

Here’s what we went through:


First: How to Research Looking for a Home Abroad

[watch video for details into each point]

  1. Which country – narrow down which countries you’re interested in
  2. Where in that country – factors to consider: weather, airport proximity, services, can you learn the language?, safety
  3. What kind of home – could be determined by your VISA, ie: investment, living requirements, family visas. Where to check available places out: We used when we were looking for a home abroad
  4. Finding a Realtor – how we found ours (message me if you want her information, she was amazing)


Second: Looking for a Home Abroad In Person

[watch video for details into each point]

  1. Spending time in the country – make sure you like the area, the neighborhood, the neighbors
  2. Looking at homes abroad – how is it different than in the US? 
  3. Buying a home in another country – how is it different than in the US? You’ll be amazed at this!



Today we talked about Moving to Another Country and Looking for a Home Abroad

[watch video for details into each point]

We talked about:

How to Research Looking for a Home Abroad

  1. which country
  2. Where in that country
  3. How to Look for a home abroad 
  4. How to find a Realtor


Looking for a Home Abroad In Person

  1. Spending time in the country
  2. Looking at places – how it’s different than in the US
  3. Buying – how is it different than in the US



Want to make friends with other travel lovers like yourself? Join me in the next video! I and my special Guest Beth Santos will talk about How to Make Travel Friends All Over the World.



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