How we Spent our Summer (and fall) Vacation
Today we’re going to catch you up on all the things that happened since our last show in May.
We’ll chat about:
– Updates on our Portugal house
–  The 15 countries we visited
– Getting sick abroad
…and what you’ve been up to.
Watch the whole video for all of the rambling fun conversation. And please! Let me know what travel topics you want me to discuss below in the comments!

Who am I? I’m Juliana Dever, an experiential travel expert.

I’ve been traveling the world for 25 years, I’ve visited over 60 countries, lived in 4, and spend about 4 months abroad every year traveling deeper into my favorite countries so I can bring you all the insider information and help you take off-the-beaten-path adventures!

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Next year I have TWO amazing trips – all insider, authentic experiences with amazing people. You can go to Slovenia or my Christmas Market and Holiday party tour with me. You can find all the details below.


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Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


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