What to Pack in Your Travel Wellness Kit

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Nobody wants to get sick while traveling. And it can be stressful enough, so let’s get as preventative as possible. Pack all of this stuff beforehand, because while I enjoy waiting outside a closed foreign pharmacy as much as the next person, if I can nip a malady in the bud, I’m on it.


My madness has a few key methods, all of which I’m going to break down now with you.

  • Saving space
  • Save weight
  • Know what’s in your bag, and make sure it’s not expired

Today I’m going to share with you WHAT to pack in your travel first aid kit, and just as importantly HOW to pack it to fit the most in.



Who am I? I’m Juliana Dever, an experiential travel expert.

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So…what do I pack in my Travel Wellness Kit and HOW do I pack it to make sure it takes up a minimum amount of space? Let’s go!

1. Grab a bag

I love my Flight 001 canvas pouch (unfortunately the company folded during the pandemic). At 7.875in X 6in it’s a perfect small size. Another good option is any bag with vinyl or water-resistant liner to protect your other belongings in the event of a Kanka explosion or some other liquid in your pouch. This warning comes from personal experience.


2. Amass your drugs: the 5 key categories

  • Preventative
  • First Aid
  • Painkillers/allergies
  • cold/flu
  • Digestive

 See the checklist for the main OTCs I pack in my travel wellness kit.


3. Downsize Your Packaging

a. Pull blister packs out of boxes

b. Use small Ziploc bags for anything in bottles and LABEL IT. You can usually get small pill pouch-style ziploc bags at any large pharmacy chain.

If they have a smooth front you can write on them. But I’ve also had issues with that info rubbing off (or dissolving off, see Kanka explosion, above) so I personally use a label maker. Be sure to add the name, the expiration date, and the dosage if necessary.


4. CDC for Vaccines needed in each country

This is a great site to double-check if there are any vaccines you should get or bacterias/viruses that you need to know about when you travel. You only need to type in what countries you’re visiting and you’ll get a list of vaccines to get, such as malaria, hepatitis, or yellow fever.


Today, we talked about:

  1. Why I never travel without a wellness kit:
    a) You don’t want to get sick or let a small injury sideline you while traveling
    b) Be prepared with YOUR most used/favorite drugs
    (PS – foreign drugs aren’t always as good as US)

1. You won’t always find what you’re looking for in another city/country
2. Stores are often closed when you need them most and you won’t be able to get what you need
3. Don’t waste your precious vacation time running around looking for basic stuff
4. AND don’t waste your trip money on something I already have at home.

2. WHAT kind of pouch to get (small size, waterproof if you’re concerned)

3. What kind of drugs to put in it:

  • Preventative
  • First Aid
  • Painkillers/allergies
  • Cold/flu
  • Digestive

4) How to downsize your drugs to save space and weight
Pull out blister packs
Use tiny ziplocs and label

5) Use the CDC site for vaccine information


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