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Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Juliana, this story spoke deeply to me – thank you for sharing. In the past two years, my eyes have been opened to the tragedies of the war in the 90s in former Yugoslavia and while gaining a whole new understanding on just how…inhuman humans can be, I’ve also been uplifted by stories of steadfast kindness similar to this. Actually, I don’t think kindness even begins to covers it. I think this is an example of light when there doesn’t seem to be the capacity for any; hope when all seems to be hopeless. The Holocaust, the war in former Yugoslavia, the many, MANY instances of tragedy in this lifetime and even happening at this very moment… history’s been a witness to so, so much darkness. But if we might all aim to follow in Barnabás’s footsteps, there might be a little hope after all.

    • Caroline, thank you for your beautiful comment. I was also in Yugoslavia this past year and it does really hit you how “inhuman humans can be.” To highlight these stories though, is a good reminder that there is good in us. Thank you for reading the story of Barnabás. Just sharing it puts a little more light into the world. <3

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