Hey travel lovers! We are setting off on an epic trip from Slovenia, and need to make to the Netherlands in 5 days. We’ve got a Eurail pass and no plans.

YOU will help plan our trip as we go, and we will report in LIVE each day from a new location chosen by you.

Join Rachel Leah Cohen and I as we share all the details of our next big adventure.

Watch this video for the full scoop.



About the Author

Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Hi from Australia

  2. Great place is always Potsdam with all it‘s palaces and the oldest film studio in the world and while you are in the area head over to a small town called Bad Belzig to see one of those old historic country towns. You can actually stay in a castle, drink beer or whiskey in a little brewery or eat home made ice cream. And there is lots of nature and little villages with lotsa history around.

  3. Arizona Cinderella Land

  4. Go through Slovakia. So many beautiful castles.

  5. Saint malo in France. Just a beautiful town.

  6. You guys are a little crazy, putting your travel plans in all of our hands ????
    Anyway. Should you become stuck in southwest Germany close to Luxembourg and don’t have a hotel, you can stay at mine. It’s only a short trip to the Netherlands or Belgium from here. ????

    • Seamus has also told us that we’re crazy, but we choose to trust everyone. ????

    • Well, I know all will be well in the end. You’ll always find somebody to help you. And if you can’t find somebody by yourself, be assured that the Facebook community will definitely find you help ????

    • CleverDever Wherever It’s like we are all on the trip together~

    • Well, I wouldn’t say no to that


  8. When u go to Prague on way to Netherlands go to Charles bridge and see castles never been there want to go

    • Just for you Rhonda Vaughan, here are some photos I took of the castles and the Charles bridge, among other beautiful places in the Czech Republic. 🙂

    • Thank you so much fantastic pictures I always thought it would be cool to be a spy and cross the Charles bridge at night in the fog then go to Vienna dance the Vienna waltz but after my spy job I would have to relax with a bottle of Pinot noir

    • CleverDever Wherever wait! I want to go here!

    • Kolpa in Slovenia is a nice off the beaten path to go to

  9. You two should visit Poland. Torun by night is breathtaking ????????????…
    And ofcourse I could be your guide ????

    • I love Poland!! We’ll put Torun on the list – but tell us, what is special/ can’t miss in Torun?

      • Katarzyna / at /Reply

        Famous gingerbreads 🙂 Also there is Festival of Light, but it’s at the end of August. Personally I hope to see you in Warsaw, girls!

    • You should see night view from the bridge and gothic town centre.

  10. What about the Czech Republic? It’s beautiful countryside there☺️

    • I love it! So, I’d like to see some places there that I haven’t been to before. What would you recommend besides Karlovy Vary, Česky Krumlov, Moravia, Sedlec, Telč and Prague?

    • CleverDever Wherever I would recommend my hometown – Znojmo. It’s like 7 miles from Znojmo to Austria, around 80 minutes by car from Vienna (or 2 hrs by train). It’s obviously an old city with sooo many beautiful churches and old streets in historical center. There’s Town Hall Tower from which you can see Alps (if the weather and visibility is really good). There’s also Rotunda of St. Catherine from 12th century (very unique). You can literally walk from historical center to National park. There’s also underground that is almost 17 miles long and has up to 4 storeys. Znojmo is a city of wine so every year there’s Historic Vintage Festival, this year is on Sep 14 – Sep 16. There’s so much more. I love it here.

    • Zuzana, your hometown sounds beautiful! I can’t wait to look all of this up!

    • Zuzana Ellerova wine did I hear wine cool go there then Juliana u can compare Georgia wine and polish wine bring some back drink it on Facebook maybe we could have TASTEAVISION lol

    • Definitely Prague, and Karlovy Vary. Telč and Český Krumlov are beautiful cities too. Telč has a beautiful square and Česky Krumlov has beautiful castle with rotating auditorium. Im glad you are going to visit this country

  11. What is happening?????

  12. Larchmont bizzneaches!

  13. My day is slipping away….

  14. Barcelona!!!!!!!

  15. I want to go to Munich!

  16. I’m the only gay man in the entire world that has never been to London or Paris!????

  17. Come to Koper!! Our seaside is beautiful and you can travel throughout the cities

  18. Come to Lanzarote (Spain )

    • I’ve been there! But also, this trip has to stay within the 13 countries that we mention because we only have 5 days to get from Slovenia to the Netherlands. Any other suggestions based on that?

  19. U guys should definitely visit Koper, Slovenia – small coastal town surrounded by an incredible wine region. The local cousine and wines are just delicious ????

  20. Come and visit Austria on your way from Slovenia. The lake Wörth for example is amazing ????????????????????????

  21. Austria says hallo!!!! And Slovenia to!!! ????

    • Hallo! Can’t wait to come visit!

    • So I’m from Slovenia, living in Austria, had to say you will meet some interesting people and see some beautiful places, start in Slovenia in Ljubljana, Logar valley,Bled,caves of Postojna must see! Austria lakes are beautiful, such as Wörthersee,Vienna and then Hungary Mudsee… If you pass Austria near Bleiburg I invite you for lunch! ????

    • I am taking notes Maja!

  22. Visit spain. Sevilla Barcelona benidorm Madrid. A beautifull cities

    • Thanks Chari! Unfortunately we have to stick to the 13 countries mentioned in the broadcast because we have such time restrictions! You can also see the list in my post below where I’ve posted a picture of Rachel’s map. Let me know if you have suggestions for any of those countries. ????????

  23. Lake Oeschinen in Switzerland ( and on your way there you can stop at Blausee.

  24. Poland !!!!!

  25. These suggestions are amazing! Keep them coming. You have over 24 hours to keep making suggestions!

  26. I will be tracking your trip, ladies, coz I will be visiting that part of Europe in September after the Berlin Marathon. Thanks for doing this, girls!

    • NICE! My first marathon was I Hawaii!

    • Rachel Leah Cohen wow! That’s a hard and hilly one! Hope to do that one day.

    • Candy Petrolle Yeah, it was a tough one. I had to get up at 5am, hold up a supportive sign, take lots of pics, a nap, grab a snack and then meet Rachel on the finish line. Phew. Hard work I tell you.

    • CleverDever Wherever i tip my hat to you girl! And you lived to tell! Did you get the medal for the best marathon cheerleader? You should get one. When you and Rachel run a marathon together I will be there to cheer you one, take lots of pics, nap, snack, and meet you both at the finish!

  27. I love this no-plan plan of yours! In true Marriage of True Minds fashion – I don’t make plans, I have visions.

    • You know, every once in awhile you have to take a chance and let life come at you. Who better to choose than all of you!

  28. ???? Josh

  29. Take up on Linda’s offer for the Van Gogh mill resto. That should be coolz

  30. hey Juliana and Rachel leah cohen i hope that you are very busy taking the fans. because I hope that you are having a great day. I wish to get a birthday message from you and Rachel. we love you both very much always your biggest fan ???? ???? ???? from St Louis Missouri.

    • Hi and Happy Birthday Brandon! ????

    • CleverDever Wherever thank you both very much. because I was the first time in my life that I have the most respect people in my life. always your biggest fan ???? ???? ???? Juliana please let Rachel that she will always be the funny person in the world.

  31. Potsdam, Germany and/or Lake Balaton, Balatonfüred (Hungary) – loads of great wines and beautiful views ????

  32. If you want to go to Italy then you should stop first in Trieste (especially Miramare Castle), it’s just about a couple of hours from Ljubljana.
    Then if you cross Germany, consider the Rhein Valley (from Mainz to Koblenz).
    It’s amazing and the train travels along the river! ????
    I’m Italian and now I live in’s Gutenberg city with an amazing museum dedicated to him and there is also a spectacular Church, St. Stephen, with windows made by Chagall. ????

  33. I don’t know much about the places on your list, BUT I do know bits and pieces about Holland (I am half Dutch; check out my last name ha ha). I hear that seeing the windmills and the tulip fields are always worth it. Also, Dutch chocolate letters are a thing (plus, the chocolate tastes fantastic), so I recommend you find a J for yourself, and an R for Rachel 😉 Holland has always been on my bucket list, so I hope the dynamic duo has time to do some poking around over there, too 🙂

    • Well Rachel Leah Cohen and I are huge fans of Holland. This will be my fourth time visiting! I’m going to make sure I do a few favorite things, but mostly new things this time. Should be fun to watch. 🙂

    • Perfect ????

  34. Well obviously you have to visit sassenheim because hé, that’s where I live and it has a train station that will bring you to schiphol and Amsterdam cs ????

  35. Before you leave Slovenia are you going to the Postojna caves…there so big you ride a train into them then walk for 45min round amazing staligmites/tites

  36. THESE IDEAS ARE INCREDIBLE! Keep ‘em coming! You have less than 24 hours to still add your suggestions! CleverDever and I are so excited to narrow these down!

  37. You should visit Oświęcim, the camp in Auschwitz and the villages of Podlasie, have a unique charm. Be sure to see the Tatras, for example from Zakopane.

  38. I am from Vienna, Austria, but I have several suggestions that might be worth a visit and also possible to do in a day or less.

    From Slovenia, I‘d suggest going to Graz which has a very picturesque clock tower on a hill in the middle of the city. It’s very young and vibrant and you definitely have to try pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil. It is also in the middle of a wine region so you might be able to hop on a local train or bus and visit vinyards as well.

    Vienna is too big for a quick stop and I remember you already being there, so I‘d suggest making fun of tourists from the US in Sound of Music tours in Salzburg and try Salzburger Nockerl. Go up to Festung Hohensalzburg and enjoy spectacular views of the Alps and Germany. Salzburg is one of the favourite towns of many tourists here.

    Other suggestions along the way which I would personally visit: Trieste with its coffee shops in Italy, the World War I Museum in Kobarid, Slovenia, go up at least one summit of the Alps (easy to reach by train: Innsbruck Nordkette, Kitzsteinhorn near Zell am See, Hintertuxer Gletscher; less easy to get to: Großglockner; a bit out of the way: Mont Blanc near Chamonix, France), Catull‘s old palace in Sirmione, Lake Garda, Italy; Julia‘s balcony in Verona, Italy; Venzone, Italy, which was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt; Square des Moulins and the old city center of Strasbourg, France; Begijnhof and little channels of Brügge, Belgium. All of these should be relatively easy to reach by train.

    If you want more suggestions, especially for places in Austria, feel free to check my Instagram at angela_travels or comment right here. Have a safe trip!

    • Angela! THIS IS AWESOME! Thank you and keep watching…especially THIS THURSDAY!

    • Angela these are all fantastic! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this! I’ve been wondering about Graz, and I love the idea of visiting smaller towns. So much good stuff here. Stay tuned because we have a big vote this Thursday, we’re gonna need your expertise!

  39. AUSTRIA: Salzburg – Mozart’s birthplace. Vienna – Schonbrunn Palace. CROATIA: Dubrovnik – Walled Old Town, Art & Banje Beach, Split – Coastal City Built on Roman Palace. SLOVENIA: Istria – Beach, cycling, wine & sailing; Postajna – Cave, Predjama Castle. CZECH REPUBLIC: Prague – 9th Century Prague Castle, Česky Krumlov – a small town in the South Bohemia region, it has a wealth of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. FRANCE: French Alps. GERMANY: Black Forest area.

  40. Harrison Maine.

  41. We have GOATS in Maine!

  42. Were there GOATS on the cruise ship!?

  43. Goats!!! Europe is full of ???? goats!

  44. Ireland.

  45. Hi from Mo.

  46. Been to Europe lots of times

  47. Paris – Musee Dorsey

  48. There is a cool jet river boat from Vienna to Budapest

  49. When do you start

  50. Budapest is the bomb – go there

  51. Next time you should take in Denmark too! I mean, who would not want to visit a town called Middelfart! If you ever go there, be sure to do Bridgewalking – it may not be Sydney Harbour Bridge, still an amazing experience. And if you ever come to Oxford, England – I’d be happy to take you to a few of the famous colleges 🙂 I reckon you’ll have such a fab trip this time round, you’ll have to come back and see more … Look forward to the stories from your travels

    • I was just saying that if this show goes well we should look at doing a sequel through Scandinavia! I’d love to see more of Denmark!

  52. I’m sooo excited for this!!!!! ????????????

  53. You could come to Ede (Netherlands) and than stay with us????

  54. Hi re Luxembourg my the Bock Casemates are part of what makes the city a world Heritage site. The Grund is also nice you can take a lift down it’s a nice walk and there are restaurants and museums down there. The country has many Castles one of the more famous ones is called the Ianden and has links with Victor Hugo hope this useful.

    • That’s great, Ruth! Not a lot of people have chimed in about Luxembourg so it’s nice to hear someone recommend it!

  55. After the Netherlands you should definitely go to Denmark. More exactly this amazing city called Aarhus ????????????????????????????

    • I’d love to explore more of Denmark. I’ve really only done Copenhagen a couple of times. Rachel Leah Cohen – Whaddya think, if this one goes well we do a sequel: A to C: Scandinavia!

  56. Go Poznan Poland

  57. What about Labyrinthe des Dragons in Peaugres, France? I was reading about it and it looks sooo interesting! You could have so much fun getting lost in the maze! ????

  58. I also found the Starkenberger Beer Pools in Tarrenz, Austria!!!! Looks awesome!!!!

  59. I typed an entire message and it’s gone. This vid showed up on my timeline 4 days after recording so this is a little late. But here it goes. I’m from the Netherlands and these following cities are great to visit: Maastricht, beautiful city in the southern part of the Netherlands (don’t skip Blanche Dael if you visit). Alkmaar has a really famous cheesemarket (I was born there but never been back ????????????). Haarlem, where I currently live, is beautiful. Has a “church” that makes beer (Jopenkerk). Other cities here that deserve a visit: Groningen, Delft and Utrecht (I know a nice restaurant there also should you go).

    • I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Maastricht! These are all great suggestions Arlene, thank you so much!

    • Arlene! These are great suggestions! Thank you for taking the time to share all of these!!!

    • CleverDever Wherever it’s amazing! It’s Dutch but also in a way it doesn’t look Dutch because hills start forming there and the rest of our country is flat. So when I as a Dutch person visit it feels as though I’m in another country for a moment haha. It’s very “bourgondisch” as we call it, which I love

    • Rachel Leah Cohen of course! Have an amazing time you two!

  60. Richmond va

  61. It’s 5:30 here

  62. Go to the alps

  63. You can visit Pilsen in the Czech Republic 😉

  64. Looking so forward to tommorow to see you gals beautiful faces

  65. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    Hello from Sweden

  66. Episode 2 is up! Make sure you go watch now!

  67. It’s time to vote! Episode 2 is up and we need you to help us eliminate some countries. Head over here to view and vote!

  68. Enjoyed the short but sweet episode do u think u will be planning trip to Georgia in fall !i hope I’d love to go there

  69. How many countries are you planning on visiting? So you start at Slovenia and end at the Netherlands. So that’s two. You have to go through Germany to get to the Netherlands so that makes it 3 countries for sure. 🙂

  70. I say go through all of the remaining countries. 🙂 Start in Slovenia and then head to these countries Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and then end at the Netherlands. 🙂

  71. Katarzyna / at /Reply

    While in Austria, pay a visit to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg, I will be there later this month 😉

    • Well it all depends if we wind up in Salzburg or not! We’ll let you know when the voting starts for that!

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