Welcome back to A to C with Nowhere to B.

This week: ELIMINATION ROUND! Find out which countries were eliminated and which ones are still in the MIX!

*Important Vote* in this episode.

If you’re just tuning in, we are setting off on an epic trip from Slovenia, and need to make to the Netherlands in 5 days. We’ve got a Eurail pass and no plans. YOU will help plan our trip as we go, and we will report in LIVE each day from a new location chosen by you.

Rachel Leah Cohen and I need your vote! Watch the whole episode to find out what’s next and be sure to vote in the comments!


Missed episode 1? Watch it here to catch up!



About the Author

Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Hi there

  2. Ooh my country is still in running

  3. Hi Juliana Austria next you two girls can be Julie Andrews in sound of music lol

  4. Hey Mindy Rabhan Kandel you got a shout out!

  5. Hola!
    My vote is for Austria ????????

  6. Austria! So then you can go to Hungary and continue on to Slovakia

  7. I vote for Austria. Vienna is amazing! The Opera House is very beautiful and the shopping and food along the main street is fun and delicious. Schonbrunn Palace is also a must-do. Gorgeous architecture and beautiful grounds. If you like amusement parks, the Prater, has some good rides. In Salzburg there are many castles and is the home of classical music. A gorgeous town. In Graz is a very interesting armory museum. I hope that helps with your decision. Have fun wherever you end up! <3

  8. Austria is my Favorite please!

  9. Greetings from the Netherlands Austria ???????? gets the 12 points.

  10. Austria !! Don’t forget about the Glacier ???? its stunning beautiful and a great experience ????

  11. Croatia ???????? ????????

  12. Germany… It’s the best way to get from the east to the west 😉

  13. Salzburg and see Mozart birthplace

  14. So adorbs. Hungary is my vote.

    • Lori Baumblatt Sagarin!!! HUNGARY is behind in the votes! Share the post and get your friends to vote!!

  15. Hi guys…. a little late but ready to vote!!!! I think you guys should go to Austria!!!

  16. Sabrina Hill Weisz

  17. Rabea Ta / at /Reply

    First to Austria and then to Hungary.

  18. Austria!

  19. I got the same mug haha. And i vote for Austria.

  20. Austria ❤️

  21. Good evening from the Netherlands

  22. Austria ????????

  23. Austria!????

  24. Austria ????????!

  25. Go to Austria.

  26. hey Juliana and Rachel i hope that you both are doing well. I thank you for the best birthday message. that was very thankful for you. I hope that you and Rachel will pick something like Australia that would be a great place to go. we all love you both very much always your biggest fan ???? ???? ???? from St Louis Missouri. Juliana thank you so much for the best birthday message. please tell Rachel she will always be the funniest person in the world.

    • awww thanks Brandon!

    • Rachel Leah Cohen please tell Juliana thank you for the best birthday message. we love you both very much. always your biggest fan ???? ???? ???? from St Louis. I really hope that someday soon I will get to meet you and Juliana for the first time in my life.

  27. Hungary!! ????

  28. I’m voting Austria. Although hungary is also beautiful.

  29. AUSTRIA – CleverDever Wherever & Rachel Leah Cohen you really don’t have to apologize ???? you guys are the best!!

  30. Austria!!!!

  31. I vote Austria because there are GOOD reds(wine for clarification) that come from Austria.

  32. Jana MJ / at /Reply

    Austria 🙂

  33. Hungary ????

  34. Não posso opinar pois nunca visitei a Europa, mas estou acompanhando as aventuras aqui do Brasil!

  35. Austria first, then Hungary…

  36. CleverDever Wherever & Rachel Leah Cohen – I vote Hungary. Side question – where are we on the Georgia trip? Is that happening this year? I want to plan a trip too!

    • Hi Michelle, are you in my private Georgia email group? I will have new information about dates for the group first, probably the week of June 21st -ish.

    • CleverDever Wherever I am in that. Thank you for the reply. I will wait – patiently. I was trying to plan my 2018 trips so …..

    • CleverDever Wherever can’t wait for an update!!

  37. Austria ????????????

  38. I really want to go to both of those countries myself but for your trip my vote is for Austria and the reason is because of the joke Juliana made that made her blush ????

  39. Austria

  40. Hungary…I’ve never been there, but it sounds wonderful!

  41. Budapest, Hungary to see Buda’s Medieval Castle

  42. Austria! (Check out the Spanish Riding School in Vienna ????)

  43. Hungary without a doubt!

    • I love Hungary. We need the entire summer to stomp around this area. Did you watch today’s live show? We announced the winner between Austria and Hungary.

  44. Austria! Hallstadt and Salzburg.

  45. Tough choice… I’d go Hungary cause I’ve never been there & want to glean tips from your trip ????????

  46. Hungary!!!! ????????????????

  47. Austria: State Room of the national Library in Vienna – sooo great!

  48. Hungary!

  49. Austria! ????????

  50. Open up days

  51. Hungary! ????????

  52. Hungry

  53. As of Sunday 6PM PDT We are getting close! Hungary is 7 votes behind Austria….keep the votes coming in!

  54. Austria!!!! (I forgot if I have voted already, but just in case I haven’t here’s my vote)

  55. Hungary.

  56. Hey Juliana and Rachel, my vote goes to Austria 😀

  57. Hungary / Ungarn

  58. Austria bebe!

  59. Greetings from Utah. Go to Austria. Absolutely beautiful country.

  60. Northwest Hungary lots of good cheap wine and nice scenery. Avoid Budapest. Also from there you can swing thru Austria etc. Sounds like you have eliminated Poland. 🙁

    • No we actually haven’t! This vote is only for Austria and Hungary, but stayed tuned for tomorrows episode to see about Poland!!!

    • Rachel Leah Cohen I lived in Warsaw for awhile so am partial

    • Lon Peterson Love Warsaw! Poland is still in the mix, so make sure you’re watching our live show to vote for it!

  61. Oooooh the Facebook race is tight. As of Wednesday 1pm PDT. Austria 48 Hungary 39!

  62. My vote is for Hungary!!

  63. Austria, please

    • Claire – did you see today’s show yet? We announced the winner between Austria and Hungary!

    • CleverDever Wherever No, just got home, but I’ll be interested in whichever travel choice was made.

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