We’re back with A to C with Nowhere to B. We are setting off on an epic trip from Slovenia, and need to make to the Netherlands in 5 days.

We’ve got a Eurail pass and no plans. YOU will help plan our trip as we go, and we will report in LIVE each day from a new location chosen by you.

**Round Two is underway!**

Want to decide where Rachel Leah Cohen and I visit during our European travel adventure?

Watch and VOTE in the comments. We have FOUR countries for you to choose from and you can vote for TWO!

We need your vote! Watch the whole episode to find out what’s next and be sure to vote in the comments!


Missed the first elimination round? Watch it here to catch up!

About the Author

Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Gamarjoba Julianna good afternoon from east coast

  2. Got ur mail about Georgia trip l can’t wait

  3. Czech Republic and Germany

  4. Germany new braunfeils

  5. Castle

  6. Slovakia and Czech Republic…????

  7. I’m sticking with Poland.

    • It’s definitely still in the mix! Woohoo! We’ll be putting it to a more specific vote once we get to Europe so be ready!

    • CleverDever Wherever I am SO ready! You guys have a great time. Praying for safe travels and that the vote is ever in your favor! Haha

  8. Poland and Czech Republic

  9. Poland and Czech Republic 🙂

  10. Poland and Slovakia.

  11. Definitely Germany and Czech Republic

  12. I love to see you going to Poland..

  13. Slovakia and Czech Republic 🙂

  14. Germany visit the Castle Marienburg in Pattensen/Hannover

  15. For a second I was about to change my vote for “Beyoncé’s Castle”!!! ????????????
    But I stick with Dresden (Germany) with its Baroque Architecture, Libeskind’s Military History Museum, the Yenidze and its dome…

  16. Slovakia and Poland 🙂

  17. I vote for Slovakia & Czech Republic ????????

  18. Czech …. duh!

  19. Sorry I could see you both life ????

  20. Jana MJ / at /Reply

    Germany ????????

  21. Czech Republic and Slovakia!! I want to live vicarious through you two since that is where one side of my family is from!

    • Glad to have you vicariously on the trip!

    • Rachel Leah Cohen You two are hilarious together! This is going to be a fun trip to follow whichever route you take.

  22. Germany ☺????

  23. Slovakia. Always ????⛲️

  24. Germany and Austria 🙂

  25. OMG… you guys are super funny!!! I vote for Slovakia. Stuff… I like stuff. 🙂

  26. I vote for Germany????

  27. Germany

  28. Germany and Slovakia!

    …. absolutely worth seeing is the German Wine Route in Rhineland-Palatinate, with its countless vineyards and winegrowers
    The UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, from Bingen to Koblenz dozens of castles and attractions, a trip by boat along the Rhine

  30. Luxembourg,

  31. Lena Dnl / at /Reply

    Germany ????

  32. Slovakia

  33. Germany!

  34. Czech and Germany!

  35. Slovakia and Austria

  36. Austria. Sound of Music ????

  37. Austria & Germany ????

  38. Hamburg, Germany

  39. Cologne, Germany, the cathedral

  40. Czech Republic and Germany / Munich

  41. Berlin, Germany

  42. Germany ???????? Hamburg

  43. WOW! This one is a TIGHT race! Get your friends to vote!

  44. Germany????

  45. Czech Republic and Poland!

  46. Germany Hamburg ????

  47. Germany and Poland. ❤

  48. Did you say when you are going… Ill be in Poland and Germany from middle August traveling until the end of the month. Mostly Warsaw, Berlin and Augsburg and flying out of Prague.

  49. I already voted for Germany but I also vote for Poland!

  50. Germanyyyyy!!!!

  51. Germany, Berlin, you can visit the “Fan-Mile” and watch Soccer. ????⚽️

  52. Slovakia and Czech Republic

  53. Have you gotten your votes in? We will be back live in two days!!!!

  54. Esther Verhoef / at /Reply

    Hi there,
    Greetings from the Netherlands
    I vote for Poland and Czech Republic.
    And I can’t wait until you are in The Netherlands.

    • Thanks for the vote Esther! We’re pretty excited about returning to the Netherlands as well!

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