A to C with Nowhere to B is back with episode 4! This week, we’re talking Austria vs. Hungary, budgeting and more!


Did you miss the last episode? Watch it here to catch up!

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Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Hi ladies!

  2. Good Morning!!

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Its heartbreaking ????

  5. Audubon, PA near Valley Forge

  6. Joining you from Calgary, Alberta ????????

  7. Hello Ladies!!!

  8. I‘m from Vienna I’m freaking out Rn iekdbdjdkee

  9. I would love to be joining you on this adventure!!

  10. I can show you around hahaha ????❤️

  11. You guys are so cute I can’t ????❤️

  12. Also make sure you use a credit card that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee.

  13. I get cash for the country ahead at my bank so I have some for tips or snack right off the bat. And other coutries money is prettier than ours.

  14. Take Benadryl and hydrocortisone…. since I maybe not on call????

  15. Mine is tomorrow, Happy Birthday Rachel!

  16. Lovely greets from Germany

  17. A nurse will fit in one of those comparments????

  18. I used my debit/credit cards all over South East Asia… only way to go.. though I did make sure to use an ATM from a national/solid bank…

  19. Love❤️❣️❤️

  20. It’s like your the 13th doctor.

  21. Hi Juliana how are you

  22. How do u save up for trips do u go to local market buy foods and save on eating out that way ? I want to save up for your Georgia trip I’d love to go

    • You mean while you are on the trip or while you are saving?

    • Rhonda Vaughan You make a budget for the trip and stick to it. So if you decide that you are only spending $50 a day on make that work. When we stay at an air bnb for a few days, we will buy food for breakfast etc….but the important thing is knowing how much you ave BEFORE you go…so you are not stressed out while traveling.

    • Ok thanks for tips

  23. I am a nurse so I know it’s good to have emergency kit

  24. I just saw this 10 minutes after it ended. I am tuning in all the way from sunny Santa Clarita, CA.???? I am starting to save for a future trip. (maybe your Georgia trip if I can get in before it’s full when it becomes available)

    • Hi Lori Brtis! As long as you are on the Georgia mailing list you will have first dibs at one of the 12 spots before I make it available to everyone else. Let me know if you need the link to sign up for the emails!

    • Hi Juliana could I maybe join you in this email link. I would like to go to Georgia ????????. I hope to hear from you

    • Hi Esther! Here’s the link for the email group: Georgia is so incredible, I hope you make it there!

    • CleverDever Wherever thank you

    • CleverDever Wherever I hope so too, I’m gonna start saving right away????

  25. I’m from St.Gallen, Switzerland

  26. I got rid of my car. Saves tons of money ????

    • Rachel Leah Cohen To be honest, it’s not too hard to live without a car in my city. Good public transportation. Wouldn’t dream of trying it in L.A. ????????????‍♀️

  27. Exciting…. You guys are so cute

  28. OMG.. I can’t wait to see how you both pack for a trip.

  29. Love you guys!!!!!!

  30. On the trip

  31. Hi Rachel praying for yours and Julianna safe travels

  32. Thank your for making 16-year-old me smile like crazy ????????❤️

  33. I also have a separate account to save money. It’s absolutely a great idea!

  34. ❤️

  35. Elisheva Ende Funk

  36. Love you

  37. I can’t wait to see Julie pack!????

  38. Austria the hills are alive

  39. Love to you both have a great weekend

  40. Ha I just bought my ticket for a week in Alaska.

  41. sad… no Budapest… but Vienna is gorgous

  42. by the way your two are gorgeous

  43. I have found the best budget airline for US to Europe is Norwegian… I have my high season Aug tickets for less than 1k with diffident arrival and departure. I also use the lower end 2 stars and occasion flat rentals. Intercity long distance buses are really good too…but dont obsesses enjoy the trip. I also dont pay for more than one museum a day.

    • I usually wind up taking the airline associated with my loyalty program when I’m in Europe. This way I either a) collect miles or b) use my miles for a free flight.

      For instance, when I go to Georgia I tend towards Turkish Airlines, but LOT Polish and Lufthansa are also good options. Almost every time I’ve used the miles I’ve accumulated to get a free flight on them. I haven’t used Norwegian yet, but I’m guessing it’s nice.

    • CleverDever Wherever I’ve basically dropped using the major carriers for Europe travel. I won’t fly Turkish Airlines any longer. LOT is hit or m miss on service. Points i use for hotel stays as for my job I can spend months in a hotel and rack up points.

  44. totally agree ATM I get cash as I need it and no exchanged. I also keep my money I do not use for next time. I also have a card that is foregin charge free. I was in Stockholm for the first time in Feb… I got cash and it felt weird, they just wanted your card.

    • Yeah, cities all have different personalities. Some places, especially Scandinavia, tend towards electronic transactions, while other places prefer cash. I’ll always get some money to have on hand until I figure it out, but I do lean towards using my transaction-fee free card frequently.

    • CleverDever Wherever I’m also a bit security conscious the more times I swipe more the more chance of theft of data. Low cost = cash and high like a ticket or room = the card if not bought online. I also don’t like to leave a trail.

  45. I could watch you two alllllll daaaaay. In addition to CleverDever Wherever, I’m thinking YouTube channel. <3

  46. I needed to save money in order to pay back my study loan. I kinda wanted to have a buffer for it so I started saving 2 years prior to having to start to pay it back. My bank allows me to save automatically, so basically what I do is: my paycheck comes in around the 25th. Every monthly bill I get has been paid before the 10th of the month. Which means there are about 2 weeks left before my new paycheck comes in. I know what I need to have enough money for food, fun and travel in those 2 weeks so I have set that as the amount I want to have left on the 10th on my regular account. Everything above that, up to a certain amount, automatically gets booked to my savings account. The amount is different every month. I figured as long as I don’t see a big number on my regular account I won’t spend it. My savings account is still easy to access for me in case I do need it but I hardly ever do. And I love that I don’t need to remind myself to put money away.

  47. Yes Netflix would be cool u should check it out Juliana

  48. I love Innbrucks when I was there it’s got the oldest Swarovski store and makes you wanna sing the hills are alive ????

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