Charming Slovenia is Europe with far less crowds and so much nature. Just an hour outside of the city you can swoon at Lake Bled, head up into the Julian Alps or ride deep into the earth via Postojna Cave’s trains.

What travel tips do you need to know to get your act together and head to this gem of a country? I’ve got your FAQs covered below. As far as what you should do when you get there, check out my first-timer’s itinerary page.

As one of the cleanest, safest countries in Europe, I need you to know that you SHOULD go there. Soon. It’s beautiful; the people have a great sense of humor and the air is clean. Plus you’ll be filled with a delicious mix of Italian/Balkan food.

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Now, here are my travel tips at a glance for Slovenia:  


Best Time To Go

May 59°F / 15°C

June 64°F / 18°C

July 70°F / 21°C

August 68°F / 20°C

September 61°F / 16°C

While warm temperatures entice most people to visit Slovenia in the summer, you can avoid the crowds by heading there in May/June or after August.

Slovenia still feels like a well-kept secret though, so even if you only have time off in July you’ll be bumping elbows with far less tourists here than if you went to say, Prague, at the same time.

If you’re into snow sports, head for the mountains for some quality skiing in the winter months.

Climate: Mediterranean climate on the coast, continental climate with mild to hot summers and cold winters in the plateaus and valleys to the east.


Time Zone

Central European Time (GMT +1)







Currency – Euro

It’s very easy to get Euros from an ATM. Slovenia also takes cards most places, so if you have one that has no foreign transaction fees feel free to ask for the “terminal” or the machine at restaurants to pay your bill.

Slovenians are also pretty easy-going when it comes to splitting a bill, especially if you figure it out beforehand and tell them how much you want on each card.



Slovenia was recognized as one of the top 10 safest countries in the world per the 2019 Gallup Global Law and Order report; in fact, it’s #4 in the world on the list “most likely to feel safe”. Exercise normal precautions.





Restaurants – 10 – 15%

Taxis – not expected

Bellman –  €1 per bag

Housekeeping – €2 per day

Although tax is already included in listed prices, tips are not included in restaurant bills, and a 10% tip is considered customary. If the service is especially good, tip 15%.

If a taxi driver helps you with your bags or was especially good, leave €1-2. For hotel housekeepers, leave €2 per day. In Slovenia a tip is not an obligation, but is appropriate for good service.



Phone Service

SIM cards: Look for Mobitel or Simobil

Wifi is available most places and tends to have a solid signal.

You can also rent a mobile wifi device like telecom or travel wifi which will connect up to 10 devices. If you have laptops, tablets and multiple phones to connect this is an economical option.




Type C, E and F: European round prongs

Voltage: 220 V
Frequency : 50 Hz

You MAY need a converter, check your individual electronics.





Many major carriers fly into Ljubljana.

Adria Airways, the main carrier of Slovenia, whomp, whomp.. it no longer running. Other options include Lufthansa, KLM, AirFrance. Check your favorite booking engine for discount carriers and additional airlines as arriving airlines have shifted in the wake of the national carrier closing shop.



For a similar service to Uber, download the app Hopin. Taxis are registered and you can check fares and driver ratings ahead of time.

From the airport to the city center of Ljubljana you have several other options:

1) Hopin taxi app

2) Taxi Legende (approximately 30 minutes): Taxi Legende, phone: +386-31-732-289 or e-mail Book in advance, or your lodging may be able to help arrange this.

For up to 4 people = €25 (provided all luggage fits into a standard car trunk)

If you take a taxi at the airport it is best to ask for an approximate price, because it is usually a lot more expensive (around 45 – 60 Eur). Do not take a taxi that does not have anything written on the side of the door- they are really expensive!

3) Bus is €4.1 per person (approximately 1.5 hours)

4) Shuttle is €9 per person (approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour) : GoOpti (advance booking needed)



The train station is a short distance from the city center. If you don’t want to walk it with your bags, have your hotel call a Kavalir (a small electric-powered shuttle) that can drop you off about a 5-minute walk from the Ljubljana central station.


On Foot

Ljubljana city center is car-free is easily walkable. The city is very safe to walk around in, even at night.

In the city center, senior citizens, those with mobility issues, and tourists with bags can use the Kavalir to get around. Your hotel can call for you and tell you where to meet them.


Cultural Tips

Slovenians are naturally soft-spoken and do not raise their voices when conversing. They are also polite, courteous, and have a great sense of humor.


• Be on time, as some people can consider being late offensive. Even arrive 5 minutes early to demonstrate respect.

• First names are only used among close friends and family. Others are addressed using the honorific titles “Gospa” (Madam), “Gospodièna” (Miss), or “Gospod” (Sir).

• If invited to dinner at a Slovene’s house, it is considered good manners to bring flowers to the hostess and a bottle of wine to the host.



• Don’t mistake Slovenia with Slovakia. Don’t compare the two countries.

• Go in for the hug or cheek kiss. Slovenians, unlike most other Slavs, are not touchy-feely. A firm handshake with eye contact during initial greetings is also very important.

• Slovenians are very clean and streets are tidy. Do not drop anything in the gutter or on the floor.

• Ask to try the food on their plate. If you are out to dinner with Slovenes, they will be taken aback if your fork crosses their plate. Eat your own meal until they get to know you or offer to share.



Vegetarians will find Slovenia full of vibrant veggie dishes. An agricultural country; delicious fresh green dishes abound. Slovenians are also quite ecologically conscious and forward-thinking, which also means lots of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and dishes.



• Štruklji – a spiral of dough and cheese

• Burek – Thin flaky filo pastry layered with fillings—cheese (sirni) is the most common vegetarian filling, or cheese and spinach.

• Žlikrofi and Ajdovi Krapi (Ravioli) Provoleta – gooey, golden, grilled provolone

• Buckwheat ravioli (ajdovi krapi)

• Mlinci (pasta)

• Njoki (Gnocchi)


Check out The First-Timers Guide to Visiting Slovenia: 5-day Itinerary for some vegetarian restaurant suggestions.



Slovenia is known for their honey, hand painted wooden beehive panels, gingerbread hearts, and salt flower harvested from the coastal Sečovlje Salt Pans.

Ljubljana has many boutiques with local designers selling art, fashion and goods like cheeky tote bags and onesies. Spend a day wandering the pedestrian zone for goodies to bring home.




Toilet Info

You can duck in almost anywhere to use the W.C. You may need small change for public toilets in smaller towns or train stations.






Language – Slovene / Slovenian

Slovene and Italian are spoken in the South, and Slovene and Hungarian in the North. Most Slovenians also understand serbo-croatian language and most Slovenians speak very good English.


Hello = Zdravo (ZDRAH-vo)

Goodbye = Nasvidenje (NAHS-vee-dahn-yeh)

Please = Prosim (PROH-seem)

Thank You = Hvala (HVAH-lah)

Many Thanks = Lepa hvala (HVAH-lah LEH-pa)

Yes/No = Da (dah) or Ja (yah) | Ne (nah)

Good morning = Dobro jutro (DOH-bro YOO-troh)

Sorry = Oprosti / Oprostite (oh-PROHS-tee-tah)

Excuse me! = Oprostite (oh-PROHS-tee-tah)

My name is… = ime me je… (EE-meh mee yeh…)

Do you speak English? = Govorite angleško? (goh-VOH-ree-teh ahn-GLEHSH-koh?)


Where is…? = Kje je? (kyeh yeh…)

Where is the restroom? =  kje je stranišče? (kyeh yeh strah-NEESH-cheh)


One = Ena (EH-na)

Two = Dva (DVAH)

Three = Tri (TREE)


Did I miss anything? If you have a travel question about Slovenia, ask me below in the comments section!



Travel Tips for Slovenia; Charming Slovenia is Europe with far less crowds and so much nature. Explore for yourself with these top travel tips for Slovenia. #TravelSlovenia #Slovenia #TravelTipsSlovenia #EuropeanTravelTips
What to do in Slovenia. Travel Tips for Slovenia  Charming Slovenia is Europe with far less crowds and so much nature. Explore for yourself with these top travel tips for Slovenia.  #TravelSlovenia #Slovenia #TravelTipsSlovenia #EuropeanTravelTips
Where to eat in Slovenia. Travel Tips for Slovenia  Charming Slovenia is Europe with far less crowds and so much nature. Explore for yourself with these top travel tips for Slovenia.  #TravelSlovenia #Slovenia #TravelTipsSlovenia #EuropeanTravelTips

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Bordering some European heavy-hitters like Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Croatia, Slovenia humbly sits in the south, modestly waiting for one to take notice. With soaring mountains and aqua waters, Slovenia often seems as if it were backdrop that inspired many a Brothers Grimm story.



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