We’re back together for a look back at A to C with Nowhere to B! We had absolutely so much fun traveling with you guys, and truth be told, we didn’t want to see it end. In this epilogue, we share some of the things you didn’t get to see on the show, including some honest reviews of places we stayed, ate at, and visited. We’re also talking more about our train experiences and what we might do differently next time.

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About the Author

Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Cool I subscribe look forward to it

  2. Hiya. Just got back from Europe. Do you recommend a Hop On Hop Off if you only have a day in a city?

    • You know, I’m not against them. But it does depend on the city and where they are stopping. It is a good way to cover ground. But I’m a huge fan of walking, talking to locals and getting as much cultural interaction as I can.

    • I used to be a fan of the hop on/ hop off but after meeting locals, I found that their advice is ALWAYS better

  3. I just loved to see you lady’s everyday????

  4. I would love that tnx rachel

  5. And julie

  6. Awesome I definitely need a packing list I’m useless

  7. hey.

  8. Melatonin for jet lag?

  9. You’re lucky!! Yes, I do the water thing. Maybe my problem is age :p

    • I have to say I used to think you could beat it. Now I realize it’s fairly random. There are times when it hits me so hard and there are times when I don’t get it at all. I do think it has to do with how much sleep you can get on the plane. And of course loads of water helps.

  10. my God!! til 3 in the morning!!!!!!!

  11. I find that is the best way, keep going until a normal bedtime.

  12. Water definitely helps!

  13. Awesome system.

  14. Suitcase or backpack ?

  15. Awesome! Thanks!! Makes perfect sense!!

  16. Wow that is handy the thing tnx

  17. You guys ever use AirBnB? I’ve had wonderful luck with that, and cheaper than hotels

    • quite often. I’ve had many great Airbnbs. I’ve also had a couple awful ones. It really comes down to the vibe of the city, how long I’m staying, what mood I’m in (if I want services or to cook for myself). Lots of variables.

  18. How do you sleep on a plane any tips

    • wine! lol. I also bring my own cushy eye mask, ear plugs or white noise recording on my ipod. I have a hard time with neck pillows, but I do have a quilted little pillow case that I can put my jacket or whatever in and use as well.

    • wine….. its true….

  19. Used on my US roadtrip & in Bali…

  20. Good to know

  21. Would you rather drive instead of train?

    • I really loved the train. I very rarely “train” in the US so its fun and exciting!

  22. Yeahhhh

  23. That’s is great tip????????

  24. Favorite moment was when Rachel asked where the Eiffeltower was ????

  25. That works. That’s why i have ny homebase with my parents.

  26. Cool. 😀 I sponged off of friends in London. Love that washing machine!

  27. I have a German friend

  28. I loved that part in Slovenia

  29. Ooh yeah the Eiffeltower was fun

  30. And my little Red Devil

  31. I like trains

  32. Did you bring back any fun souvenirs?

    • I rarely do anymore. But I did bring back a glorious bottle of orange wine from Slovenia from a small producer and some lemon Becherovka from Prague. Oh! and some gouda biscuits from Amsterdam. For me it’s all experience and consumables that remind me of a place.

    • I like to bring back a small piece of local art or local craft I can display that reminds me of where I was. Either that or a Christmas Ornament that I can enjoy every year.

    • I used to do a Christmas ornament from everywhere! I think I stopped because I don’t usually even put up the tree anymore – I just leave the country instead. lol.

    • I buy a little pin in every city/country…I still don’t know what to do with them all!

    • Rachel Leah Cohen That is a fun thing to get. Maybe a bulletin board display or put them through a thick ribbon and hang on your wall. Any favorite or unique pins?

  33. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    Would love to go on a trip with you girls. I know it would be an awesome trip with lots of laughs and fun????

  34. I love staying in hostels. You meet the greatest people!!

  35. You girls are not old????

  36. YOU’RE too old for big suitcases?!?? LOLOLOL!!!

  37. Where would you say you got the BEST FOOD?

    • Oh we had so much excellent food. But it has to be a tie between the chateau we were talking about in Slovenia and the pasta cooked with cognac inside a parmesan wheel in Baden-Baden.

    • I liked the food in Majerija. 3.5 hour meal…worth every penny and calorie!

  38. Thank you !!!

  39. Ur spring chickens compared to over 60 lol

  40. I loved those cards! They need to make a reappearance 😉

  41. Tnx guys for this episode it was amazing

  42. We need a weekly episode, on vacation or not

  43. If you guys are too old what on Earth does that make me ????????????????

    • Just for that super big hiker’s back pack!! But if you enjoy it, that’s awesome. But I can no longer entertain the massive pack. I need wheeled bags and preferably a porter. lol.

    • CleverDever Wherever I definitely need something with wheels these days I’ve done the backpack thing I had a luggage malfunction on the London Underground but thankfully has 3 remaining wheels so limped to my accommodation via the news agent at Waterloo who thankfully sold superglue which kept the case usable till I finished my trip and got home ????

  44. I wanna go????

  45. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    How is mapy map doing?

  46. Tag Me

  47. I wish i could travel in may. We’re heading to the netherlands in march

    • If the trip goes well I might do another one so keep an eye out!

    • CleverDever Wherever This I like to hear! As I’ve mentioned, I’m already booked for May. Outside of that I’d be eagerly trying for one of those 12 spots!

  48. Bye love you all I am on ur email list can’t wait wanna go yahoo

  49. I so want to come with you!!

  50. Meeeee! For Georgia!!! Can’t wait for more info. <3

  51. Thanks lady’s !! Its great to see you guys again

  52. Georgia ❤️❤️

  53. I’d be so much fun! I wish I could go with you to Georgia! ????????????

    • omg that would be amazing. You would love it!! We would sing and dance and eat and drink until we fell over.

  54. I’m on the Georgia list and May is a perfect time to visit.

  55. Yay! Mappy Map!

  56. You hated the cake????? The piece I had atop the castle was delicious. Maybe it had to do with the view!

  57. ????????????

  58. Sign-up for our email updates to get the packing list when it comes out! Sign-Up here:

  59. Get on the Georgia waitlist here!!

    • is the waitlist the same as the e-mail list? (and was the last e-mail on july 6th?)

    • Last email was probably right before I left for Amsterdam, so I’m going to say yes. If you’re on the email list then you are in the right place. You will be getting more info all month!

  60. Boo I’m working

  61. Europe is winning this one so far!

    • The netherlands in the beginning of march next year for carnaval. ????

  62. For anyone thinking of going to Slovenia/Lake Bled area, you have to hire Tina Hiti for the day (or more). She runs PG Slovenia. You can check her out here:

  63. Europe ❤️ of course first Holland again ……

  64. Yeah I was in China and was told I had to see the Chinese opera. Never. Again. (sorry China, it may have been the culture shock)

    • We don’t have to like everything, no apology necessary. ????

    • There was one highlight. Someone on the show played the erhu (Chinese violin), it was beautiful and I would never have seen it if I hadn’t gone to the opera.

  65. I still want to try the cake, cuz coffee (and the barista in me makes me curious *winkwink*)

  66. I think The Netherlands and Slovenia are at the top of the list because it’s the places we saw the most of.

  67. Maastricht will happen for you!

  68. nice

  69. Crossing my fingers for Georgia!

  70. Hallo

  71. Rachel, nice office!

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