Spoiler: This Video Contains Spectacular Landscape and Cute Animals

Salta, Argentina is as remote as it is stunning. From the high altitude salt flats to the rainbow-colored ravines Salta, Argentina is a day-tripper’s dream.

Watch my video for a sense of what the region is like, or if you want to be wowed by my robot dance moves 🤖.

For specifics on exactly where these gorgeous places are and how to get there, read my Day Trips From Salta Argentina post. I’ve even included a downloadable map for you and the contacts for my guides, too.

If you have any other questions about the region, or you want to tell me how much you like my dancing, please don’t hesitate to comment down below!


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What's it like in Northern Argentina? Watch this video for where to visit around Salta!



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About Argentina

I’m almost in tears in the Houston airport. I look at the gate at the E Terminal, the words “Buenos Aires” formed by a collection of red dots behind the gate agents. I can’t breathe. “I can’t get on the plane. I don’t want to go to South America.” I hyperventilate.

Salta, Argentina, in the far north of the country is a relaxed, safe, colonial town that felt surprisingly homey. I walked most places and felt welcomed at every shop, restaurant and bar, even though my Spanish was often limited to an embarrassing twenty some-odd words.

Heading to Salta? Watch this video now to see what to do in the Andes of Argentina.
What's it like in Northern Argentina? Watch this video for where to visit around Salta!
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