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Nicaragua's crumbling beauty welcomes travelers with incredible values, rugged adventure, nature in abundance, and monkeys!
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I visited during the USA’s Christmas time, and if you’re looking to get away from the cold, Central America has heat in abundance (95*F/35*C). Travel to Nicaragua is great for the budget traveler, the backpacker, twenty-something travelers and those who love immersing themselves in a developing country’s culture.


Nicaragua is a land of rugged scenery, lovely people, simple foods, and outdoor adventures. The volcanoes are at once exciting and exhilaratingly dangerous – Momotombo was taking a victory smoke after having spewed lava and ash just one week before my arrival.


While I did visit a resort attempting to attract the luxury traveler, they have not yet reached a level consistent with the prices they are charging. For now, I would suggest exploring Nicaragua for its history, its adventure and its coffee (yay coffee!).


Have you been to Nicaragua? What did you think?

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After spending Christmas in León, Tola and Granada, I share some photos along with who I think travel to Nicaragua would appeal to most.
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  1. Glad you two enjoyed time there! I definitely wish I was someplace warm right now. Thank you for sharing Juliana, enjoy any and all your future travels. You have no idea how much you and your husband mean to me. The world is truly an extraordinary place with you in it. Safe travels.

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    I was there the week between Christmas and New Years – my friends and I did a week of Learn to Surf and Yoga Camp. It was a great week, and I totally agree with you that the country is great for its sense of adventure (hello, volcano surfing!) and coffee. The coffee before 5:30 am surf lesson was practically the best part of my day; only to be beat by the quality hammock time. I posted some pics on Instagram (pdoerr818) if you’re interested. Happy New Year!!

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