In A to C with Nowhere to Be Episode 6, Rachel Leah Cohen and I are prepping & packing for our trip. We’re showing you exactly how we load up our suitcases for a big adventure! Speaking of suitcases- we have an AWESOME giveaway this episode, so don’t miss a minute! Plus, we announce the winner of the NAOT sandal giveaway!

Missed episode 5? Watch it here to catch up!

About the Author

Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Packing question: always the makeup/hair items…without bringing everything in the bathroom

  2. I always struggle to have one pair of nice pants and shirt for an evening out that also has other uses

  3. Where can I buy packing tubes they look awesome ?

  4. cubes interesting? brand?

  5. Favourite suitcase?

  6. Do you do a capsule wardrobe?

  7. You guys are awesome

  8. Check out more ebags styles and information here:

  9. Thanks going to get some

  10. sounds about what I do also … I have a 17 day in Aug

  11. OMG… those are great

  12. Sad we aren’t seeing you Rachel

  13. does your husband have a cloths comment from male perspective 🙂

  14. Have a safe trip!!!

  15. Yeah miss Rachel????

  16. You girls be safe happy travels praying for your safe trip over and back

  17. Can’t wait to follow along instagram.

  18. Have a nice and save trip✈️

  19. looking forward to seeing the medical kit list.

  20. Giveaway!!!!

  21. It is fun watching live for a change though 😉

  22. WOW! Super

  23. Slipping this one in; If you don’t check a bag, how do you handle the 3 oz/little baggie limit? How do you get around this?

  24. Awesome!!!

  25. Yahoo

  26. Yaaaaay!!!!

  27. Awesome

  28. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    So looking forward to your trip and follow you around and see all the amazing places you are going to visit. Have a Safe travel

  29. Niiice!

  30. omg omg… I need a new suitcase!!!!!

  31. Woo hoo

  32. Awesome. Worldwide i hope?

  33. ebags is a trip!!!!!!!!!! Santa Maria , CA

  34. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    WOW That’s is awesome

  35. I love it! I want the suitcase! ????

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  37. EBags is a trip!!

  38. E-Bags is a trip. Vancouver, Washington

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  41. Goat ????????

  42. *moves to US*

  43. Aah ????????

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  45. Pia Roos / at /Reply

    E-Bags is a trip

  46. E Bags is a trip point pleasant West Virginia have fun

  47. Don’t forget us in canada. Otherwise I’ll have to get my family in europe to enter

  48. Ebags is a trip Peyton, Colorado

  49. Fixed it!

  50. eBags is a trip! Bought some small backpacks for Alaska cruise. Mechanicsburg,PA.

  51. oops! Blindly following! Ebags is a trip!! McKinney, tx

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  53. Got it!

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    Santa Clarita, CA

  58. be safe!

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  61. e Bags is a trip! Middlesboro, Kentucky.

  62. I like your IT guy

  63. Packing question: How many pairs of socks & underwear do you bring for 2 & 1/2 weeks? Do you do laundry there?

    • We are a little nervous about laundry…so I am bringing 11 pairs of underwear, but normally 5-7

    • I usually do a little more than half. Typically at the halfway mark I wash them in the sink at the hotel. I always bring a little travel-size of detergent with me. If I’m at an Airbnb with a wash machine I’ll throw in a load of laundry.

    • Also, I only wear Smartwool socks which are naturally moisture-wicking and odor resistant, so you can re-wear them a lot before washing = packing less socks.

    • So many good tips.

    • I agree, great tips. Detergent and underwear for a bit more than 1/2 the trip. ????????

    • CleverDever Wherever Love Smartwool… my sock drawer is full of them!! Made for all occasions! ????????????

  64. I love the packing cubes!

  65. Wahoooo ????✌????

  66. ebags is a trip!! Fairbanks Alaska. Love ebags!

  67. Hi from Finland! ????

  68. S’up

  69. Congrats!

  70. Ooooh packing list-yes plz

  71. Today’s episode was so much fun. I’m so buying those packing cubes!! ????????‍♂️????????

  72. eBags is a trip!! Parker, Colorado!

  73. OMG I just want to fix my hair right in this frame. ????

  74. Rachel Leah Cohen did you say “normalty”?? ????

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  76. Lisa here you go

  77. eBags is a trip! Audubon, PA

  78. Have a fabulous trip! Safe travels. Can’t wait to see all the adventures. 🙂

  79. Ummm guys…. this is what was going on over at my place!

  80. Hey Guys! This is what was happening on my end during the live show!

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  120. I’m definitely going get me some packing cubes great tip ????

  121. The packing list will be so helpful thanks I’m a terrible over packer think it stems from brownies be prepared ????????‍♀️

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