It’s episode 7 of A to C with Nowhere to B and Rachel Leah Cohen and I are in Slovenia! We’re talking about the eBags giveaway and starting our journey across Europe!

Did you miss the last episode? Watch episode 6 here!

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Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. definitely looks pretty over there

  2. HEYYYYYY! YES! Polar bears! Kidding. 🙂

  3. haha me!

  4. Did you see the bridge with the locks?

  5. Love the view…

  6. OMG… heading over with WINE.

  7. best food you ate so far, since you ate so much haha

    • I literally just turned to Julie to figure out what our favorite was, but we ate so much I can’t remember!

    • I just checked if she answered it but I guess we were both distracted by the castle. Me too distracted to hear, she to answer haha

  8. Beautiful i will bring a case of wine lol

  9. I AM HERE

  10. Finally made it to live video!!

  11. What language do they speak there ?

  12. So youre five days trip start on sunday?

  13. yaay!

  14. Beautiful view!

  15. You have to go eat kremsnita! Is delicious!!!!

  16. Rhonda.. we speak Slovenian.

  17. I want to go to there ????????

  18. That is so beautiful

  19. So nice!!! How’s the weather? Warm?

  20. How was the boat ride? I was not sure about that boat.

  21. So pretty so glad I’m off while you are traveling so i can be there at every update

  22. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Have fun and is there such a thing as Slovenian queso? Inquiring minds need to know!

  23. Ljubljana is known in Italian as ‘Lubiana’ and, in Poland, Lubiana is a small village + there is a porcelain company named “Porcelana Lubiana” 😉

  24. Have fun be careful see ya Sunday

  25. Food along the river is so good!!

  26. It’s so beautiful there ????

  27. love you guys too. Travel safe

  28. hELOOOOO!

  29. Wat time sunday ??

  30. See you than

  31. Comment GOAT so you can get reminded every time we go LIVE! Don’t forget to reply to the message with a city you’d like us to visit so we are able to message you. We can’t wait to see where you take us!

  32. Hello from France ????????

  33. ya know, when I walked up to you at the airport I was thinking about singing that intro so you would know who I was xD

  34. Hi guys from Colrado!

  35. Ebags is a trip. Atlanta, GA!

  36. Hi from Slovenia!

  37. eBags is a trip Peyton, Colorado. Ashleigh Damron

  38. I’m Slovenian

  39. ShanaMorda you should enter the contest so we can win new travel suitcases with packing cubes!

  40. it’s like elevensies but for dinner!

  41. Juliana, thank you for answering me yesterday on twitter!????

  42. Thanks for answering me on Twitter Juliana!

  43. We don’t speak Slovakian, we speak SLOVENIAN

    • Oh good lord I’m so embarrassed. Of course I know that, I just wasn’t paying attention while working the camera. I’m so sorry about that. ????

  44. A common mistake

    • That’s very nice of you, but I can’t believe that came out of my mouth!! I know the difference!

  45. It’s okay Juliana! Haha????

  46. I love you.

  47. Hope you had a chance to try the Bled cake!

  48. Lots of love to Travel Wifi for providing WiFi so we can go LIVE from all over Europe! Check them out! Rachel Leah Cohen

  49. Tabar is the Slovenian tapas bar right in old town that has excellent food and lots of orange wine by the glass! If you go to Ljubljana you have to try it!

  50. thank you so much Feel Slovenia for the gorgeous backdrop during our first European show! Rachel Leah Cohen

  51. Looking good ladies!

  52. Sorry I missed you guys enjoy ????

  53. Awesome Austria ???????? was my first ever trip abroad went with school loved it ????

  54. Ebags is a trip . St Charles, Mo. Travel buddy Irene Piglowski

  55. Go to McDonalds for a taste of home ????

  56. eBays is a trip. Los Angeles California

  57. Is that a shark in the lake?

  58. ❤️

  59. Have a great dinner!

  60. Hello

  61. GOAT…And bonus points for you guys if you find this in Vienna!

  62. Hi Rach! Love u????????

  63. Hi again

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