9 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Arizona Now

From 750-year-old ruins, to canyons carved by wind and water, Arizona offers stunning beauty to all who visit.
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Here are some of my favorite photos from my recent trip with Corning Incorporated and the “Gorilla Glass 4:” Leticia Barr, Kelly Olexa, (me) and Beth Santos. We pushed ourselves through some rough terrain, and captured as much of it as we could with the excellent camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.


I loved the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ not only because it’s super slim and slid easily in and out of my pocket; but because it takes gorgeous photos, especially in pro mode. I also felt confident taking it along on these tough activities knowing it’s covered with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4, the toughest cover glass yet from Corning. Even if it did slip out of my hands, Gorilla Glass 4 is better able to withstand damage from drops of up to one meter.


What did we do while we were there?

Day One we hiked down to the Betatakin Ruins –

Which was pretty crazy; it’s over 700 feet straight down on switchback stairs with no railing. Add to that the fact that it was intermittently raining so, yeah, it was a wee bit harrowing.

(Here’s a round-up of my favorite hiking gear.)


Day Two was spent off-roading in UTVs over rock faces –

Through soft desert sand and splashing through mud puddles to get to the Paria canyon overlooking the northern-most edge of the Grand Canyon.


Day Three we chased the light –

Around the narrow formations of Navajo sandstone and squeezed and climbed through Owl, Rattlesnake and Antelope canyons.


We stayed in Sedona and Page, Arizona to reach these sites. I often take for granted the beauty in my own country, but these experiences made me appreciate the United States in such a deep way. If you can, try to visit this gorgeous part of America if you get a chance, it really is like no other place.


This post is sponsored by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, but everything written is my own opinion, since this is my blog. 🙂


© 2015 Corning Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Almudena / at /Reply

    OK, mission accomplished. I want to visit Arizona. Now. I visited some of the places you mention, basically Page, Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon. I loved them and definitely would love to come back. Plus I lost some of the pics I took there so it’s a very good excuse to do it. Also would love to visit the ones I missed. Thanks for the info. The pics are great too (yours always are) ^. ^

    • I’m glad my post inspires you. It’s a really special place and I feel like there is so much to discover in and around the entire area. I’d love to hear about your trip when you take it!

  2. LivK?? / at /Reply

    Hi Juliana,thank you so much for amazing pictures.You must have had an fantastic trip,the picture speak for itself. The story they tell is breathtaking and take us on an adventure going back many many years.So thank you for taking us on this fabulous journy,looking forward to your next adventure.?
    Regards fromLivK??

    • Thanks for following along Liv! It’s quite remarkable to be amongst the rock formations and the landscapes and realize you are just one of many thousands who have come before you. It makes you think about the hundreds of thousands of years of geological change that surrounds you and it’s really humbling. I’m glad you enjoyed my postcards!

  3. Cathy / at /Reply

    Thank you for sharing all theses beauties , I had the chance to visit a lot of south west. Last time was this summer, I did Upper antelope canyon as photographer group with a wonderful Navajo guide named Rosy, she shared with us her love for the stones and their wonderful colors.
    I had the chance to visit Lake Powel by boat , to see rainbow arch , sunset on the lake is a must see! Around Page we stopped at horseshoe bend too.
    I went to Sedona , one of our favorite place , and made a stop in Prescott, Jerome .
    Please keep on traveling to make us traveling with you!
    Best regards from France.

  4. Jo / at /Reply

    Guh. Sedona. Grand Canyon. So much awesome. These were the highlights of my trip last year! The USA is pretty spectacular. Guess I’d better start figuring out my trip back…

  5. Very beautiful Arizona landscape photos.

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