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Wondering what it’s like to cruise Alaska? The Wild Wild (north) West of Alaska’s Inside Passage is a series of islands only accessible by boat. It’s a quiet, far-flung destination filled with clean air and bastions of wildlife that take your breath away. Yes, I did cry the first time I saw an orca. But so did most of the people on my boat, because ORCAS.

My cruise to Alaska was on a small boat with the company UnCruise Adventures. A few months prior I had taken a cruise on a 3,000 person boat and enjoyed getting lost in the crowds and bingo games. In contrast, my 50 person ship connected us outward, to nature. It took us right up to the glaciers (something the larger boats couldn’t do), stopped for whales, and ducked back into the small waterways of the passage when the ocean got too choppy.

I spent time wandering through small towns and slid peacefully through the waters of the inside passage. Between bears, whales and massive glaciers, it was a humbling experience. If you’re thinking about a cruise to Alaska, then don’t rule out small boats. And if you want to know what it looked like, browse my library online.

If you want more information on how to visit this region, check out my Alaskan cruise guide at a glance. Or plan a walking food tour of your own in Juneau here. If you just want to stare at the beauty of Alaska or have any of these photos for yourself, head over to my gallery now and order a couple!

My trip through Alaska was hosted by UnCruise, but opinions are my own.

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Alaska’s Inside Passage is a glorious wonderland of forests, marine and wildlife. After seeing it with Uncruise Adventures, I realized just how lucky I was to see it all on a small ship. Anchoring to swoon over orcas, riding a skiff up close to a glacier, and “bushwhacking” through the thick wilderness of the...

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“Sorry I smell like salmon.” I’d only just set food in the Sitka airport, and already the place was gearing up towards peak Alaska. It happens so fast around here.

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  1. Wow! I want to experience this wonderful cruise in Alaska too. And want to see orcas with my very own eyes. Yay!

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