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Manitoba, a prairie province that stretches across Canada’s heartland, has had a long history as a meeting point, at the nexus of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. For six thousand years, people of different cultures have met at this western gateway to trade goods and ideas.

As Churchill, the tundra town to the north, continues to gain popularity as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” the fact is that tourists have to arrive and depart via Winnipeg, a city that is bursting with art, entertainment, boutique shopping, a foodie scene, and first class amenities.



Plan a Trip to Manitoba


Churchill Manitoba – The Warmest Coldest Tundra Town

As I try to stay warm on my Churchill Manitoba trip, I discover that the people of this tundra town spread warmth with their fiery spirit.



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Manitoba Travel Recommendations

Canada’s Next Big Thing: What to See and Do in Winnipeg

These can’t miss things to see and do in Winnipeg, Manitoba only scratch the surface. Winnipeg is the perfect Canadian getaway for a couple of days!


Manitoba Polar Bear Guide

What You Need to Know About Seeing Polar Bears in Churchill

Spending time with wild polar bears in Churchill is surprisingly attainable and absolutely stunning. Find out everything you need to know about seeing these gorgeous land mammals saunter across ice and snow.


Sub Arctic Packing List

Arctic Adventures: Your Packing List for Winter Travel

If you’re heading off on a cold adventure, this winter travel packing list will keep you warm and comfortable throughout any arctic journey you find yourself on.


Find Polar Bears in Manitoba

What Do Polar Bears Eat? Sadly, it’s Not Pancakes

After spending four days observing polar bears in Manitoba on their freezing turf, here’s what I’ve learned about these gorgeous animals.




Tundra Buggy Video Manitoba

Turns Out Driving a Tundra Buggy is Incredibly Tough

I hope you’re happy with this video of me bouncing across the tundra, avoiding crashing a 437-ton (not scientifically proven) vehicle full of people.



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