Rachel Leah Cohen and I reveal the final destination, the results of our challenge cards and talk about joining a nudist colony. Listen to episode 12 for tomorrow’s challenges and remember to vote in the comments. See you TOMORROW for our LAST episode!

If you missed episode 11, watch it here

About the Author

Hi. I’m Juliana Dever and according to science I have some sort of "exploration" gene. Embracing this compulsion, I spend a lot of time hurtling around the planet in metal tubes experiencing other cultures and writing humorous essays about it. Enjoy.


  1. Buy coffee for a stranger! It will make them happy!

  2. coffee☕

  3. COFFEE!! Always coffee!

  4. How about the make someone happy by buying them Coffee!

  5. I can tell you one! “Dance in a crowded place and ask for some coins”

  6. coffee – pay it forward

  7. Coffee 🙂 ☕

  8. COFFEE!

  9. Coffee (says Addi)

  10. Jana MJ / at /Reply

    ☕ 🙂

  11. GUIDE

  12. Give free hugs

  13. Maybe the one that she didnt do from yesterday!

  14. Give flowers to strangers

  15. How about take selfies with 5 different people?

  16. Flower for advice!

  17. Flower ????

  18. Flower for advice

  19. Flower f

  20. Flowers ????

  21. Flower for advice.

  22. FLOWER ????????

  23. flower????

  24. Song

  25. have a great time!!!

  26. Enjoy massage

  27. Jealous just got back from a run ????‍♀️

  28. Where will you end in the Netherlands? Schiphol right? Can i meet you somewhere?

  29. Happy ????

  30. flower ????????????

  31. Flower ???? 🙂

  32. Have a great time!!!! ????

  33. Lol enjoy

  34. have fun today!

  35. I might have them running for the hills in terror maybe I guess everybody is in the same boat

  36. Here is the video of me asking the stranger where is the Eiffel Tower!!

  37. WoW it’s so beautiful behind you girls

  38. Yeah germany

  39. Wow so amazing ????

  40. Sorry i was too late because I had to drive back home from Amsterdam.

  41. That’s sounds amazing

  42. Julie – coffee, Rachel – flower

  43. Hi Seamus

  44. Yeeah the Netherlands ????????????????

  45. Flower

  46. bye hope to see you in the Netherlands ????????????????

  47. Happy

  48. ???? flower

  49. The wrapping part sounds good ????

  50. Rabea Ta / at /Reply

    Coffee for Juliana and flower for Rachel

  51. Yeah every place I have voted for one sorry I wasn’t able watch live volunteer for monthly church dinner u look so rested

  52. Ha ha ha when he’ll would freeze over

  53. Hell would freeze over

  54. That was so good!

  55. Buy coffee for a stranger, because it’s sweet. (Yes this comes from a barista)

  56. The 5 selfies is a great idea!

  57. Flower! (????)

  58. Rachel is such a hoot

  59. Coffee and flower

  60. Coffee is our friend

  61. Use those God given pipes

  62. Live music and song and coffee

  63. coffe & Flower

  64. Thanks Julianna and Rachel and travel WiFi

  65. Thanks again to Travel Wifi for allowing us to come to you LIVE- no matter where we find ourselves ????????????

    • You’re welcome ladies, it’s been our pleasure connecting A to C with Nowhere to B ????????

  66. Rachel you were brilliant ???????? and Juliana’s Poem was perfect ????

  67. YY Netherlands….

  68. Take that taxi driver?!

  69. Melted cheese…..mmmmmm

  70. ☕️

  71. Very nice

  72. Music

  73. Maybe depend on how I was feel at the time

  74. J=coffee

  75. R=flower

  76. Flower & Coffee! I buy coffee for strangers regularly, it’s a great thing to do!!

  77. I think it would be very uncomfortable running into u at the spa.

    • They make sure your boss isn’t already in there when you buy your ticket. ????

  78. Haha! Seamus better get used to that much cheese!

  79. Happy!!!!!

  80. Coffee makes people happy too!!!!

  81. What was the restaurant with the pasta!!!??

  82. This is awesome

  83. Spa name?

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